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The idea that economics is the most important of the social institutions and all other social and political arrangements are based on the economic system
Economic Determinism
The statement that Sociology should be value free means that sociologists should be concerned with...
What IS rather than what OUGHT to be
Sociology is defined in your text as the systematic study of...
Human social interaction
What feature has not been an important characteristic of sociology in the US?
A radical approach
What major theoretical perspective is most concerned with how social organization is maintained?
The structural-functional theory
According to conflict theory, conflict between competing interests results in...
Social change
Macrosociology is NOT associated with which of the following?
Symbolic interaction theory
Your text concludes that the best theoretical perspective to use in studying human social interaction...
Depends on what you're studying
The exact procedures we use to describe how a variable is to be measured is called...
Operational definitions
In a controlled experiment, there are a minimum of 2 groups. The group that does NOT recieve the independent variable is called the...
Control group
The tendency for people to color the truth so that they appear nicer, richer, and better than they really are is called...
Social desirability bias
Repeating the same study with another investigator or a different sample is known as..
Which of the following concepts refers to the total way of life shared by members of a society?
Refrigerators, ovens, coffee pots, and stereos are all examples of what sociologists call...
Material culture
Biological explanations are most likely to be given for behavioral patterns that are...
Which of the following terms is used for shared ideas about desirable goals in a culture, such as good health, stability, and security?
Norms that are simply the customary, normal, habitual ways a group does things are known as...
Norms or rules that are officially enforced and sanctioned by society are called...
Some of the most effective sanctions are...
Informal sanctions
Groups that share in the overall culture of society but maintain their own distinctive values, norms, and life-styles are called..
Groups that have values, interests, beliefs, and life-styles that are opposed to those of the larger society are called...
The gap between how people actually behave and normative behavior is called...
The concept of the US as a salad bowl rather than a melting pot fits best with the concept of...
Which of the following is NOT included in your text as a major factor in cultural variation?
Political structures
A culture's ideas about its own past are called...
Collective memories
This is the expected behavior of someone who occupies a specific position in society
These are characteristics that vary across individuals or groups
This approach is more interested in how culture shapes individuals rather than how economies shape culture
Structural-Functional Approach
The process through which culture is spread around the world
The process of learning and accepting the values and social practices of the dominant group and surrounding society
Refers to the feelings of isolation and strangeness that accompany exposure to a different culture
Culture shock
The research technique most commonly used in sociological research is...
Survey Research
The belief that the social world can be studied with the same scientific accuracy and assurance as the natural world
A social science researcher cannot expose subjects to an independent variable that might harm them. This limits the usefulness of a research method called the...
Controlled experiment
This means that each cultural trait should be evaluated in the context of its own culture
Cultural Relativism
Norms for which strong ideas of right and wrong are developed
The process by which aspects of one culture or subculture enter and are incorporated into another
Cultural Diffusion