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ppl dvlp their human potential and learn culture
a prsns consistant patterns of acting, thinking, and feeling
product of our social interactons
looking-glass self
self image is based on how others respond to us
generalized others
attitdes, view points, and expectations of society as a whole tha a child takes into account
significant other
indv that are most important in dvlpmt of self
dramaturgical approach
ppl resemble performers in action
impression management
indv slant the presentation of self in order to create distinctive appearances and satisfy audience
human beings basic drives
presented at birth
prsns conscious effort to balance innate pleasure seeking drives w/ the demands of society
-dvlps as we becomes aware of ourselves
super ego
cultural values and norms internalized by an individual
-operates conscience;forms as child becomes aware to parental demands
Piaget's staes of cognitive dvlpmt
1.sensorimotor stage
2.preoperational stage
3.concrete operational stage
4.formal operational stage
sensorimotor stage
indv experience the world only through their senses
preoperational stage?
indv first use language or other symbols
concrete operational
indv first see casual connections in their surroundings