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An army made up of civillians serving as soliders.
Albany Plan of Union
Plan written by Benjamin Franklin and other colonail delegates that called for the colonies to unite under a common governing body. It was never passed.

*Lead to Proclamation of 1763.*
Proclamation of 1763
No more British settlers west of App. Mts.

*Written to make Indians happy.*
Treaty of Paris
Ended The French and Indian War.

*The British got every thing east of the Miss. R.*
*The French got everything west of The Miss. R. Including Canada and New Orleans.*
French and Indian War
1.) LAND
2.) Trade routs

*French and Indians VS. British (English).*
Sugar Act
Tax on sugar.

*FIRST act ever issued.*
Committes of Correspondance
United protestors.

1.) Shared info regarding laws.
2.) Challenged new laws.
Refuses to pay certain goods.
Sons of Liberty
A violent, secret sociaty that would frighten tax collectors and British officials.
Stamp Act
Tax on paper and stamps.

*Colonists HATED this, so they protested/boycotted.*