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Main goal of blockading Cuban parts in 1962
to prevent USSR from bringing nuclear missiles to Cuba
Results of Cuban Missile Crisis
phone hotline established from White House to the Kremlin so the leaders could communicate quickly in case another crisis were to arise; US and USSR agreed to a Limited Test Ban Treaty barring nuclear testing in the atmosphere; fear of nuclear annihilation
Tonkin Golf Resolution
President receives power from Congress to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attacked against the forces of US; thus giving Johnson broad military powers in Vietnam- Johnson unleashed Operation Rolling Thunder
Tet Offensive
Vietcong surprise attack during Vietnam's new year celebration in 1968 when there was supposed to be a week-long truce; lasting one month taking over South Vietnamese cities; US and South Vietnam regained control of the cities. US said we won the battle. But Tet hurt American morale as they had been told that the war was almost over- and Tet displayed the opposite
Foreign Policy Objective i Vietnam
Ideological-containment policy

can't "lose face"
descibe de'tente under President Nixon
ease Cold War tensions between the US and China and the US and USSR . Established a friendship with the communist Chinese gov't; and signed SALT 1 with USSR
Significance of START 1 & 2
to reduce nuclear warheads drastically in US an USSR
Describe the relationship the US and USSR under Reagan
tense; Reagan increased military spending
How did the Cold War end?
USSR broke up- some Soviet republics became independent countries
Result of OPEC'S oil embargo in 1973
oil prices skyrocketed in the US; inflation; Nixon's message to Congress to conserve oil
Main goal of Camp David Accords
peace between Israel and Egypt; Israel would remove troops from Sinai Peninsula ; Egypt recognized Israel as a country
Purpose of Persian Gulf War
to stop Saddam Hussein (leader of Iraq)from taking control of one-half of the world's known oil reserves (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) in the MIddle East