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What is the story, Digging up the Past mainly about?
How an accidental discovery became a historic search
Name 2 characters in, Digging up the Past
Mrs. Shea, Damien, Joe
What do the boys in, Digging up the Past find?
A sheep’s jawbone
Why is a jawbone not an artifact?
It is not man-made
According to Mrs. Shea, what is the first step in archaeology?
Asking the right questions
Name the main character in, The Search for Early Americans
Richard Wetherill
What did Wetherill Find underneath the Basket at Grand Gulch?
A mummy
How did the baron tell the age of the spruce tree?
He cut it down and counted the rings
What made Richard think that the people of Chaco Canyon traveled to distance places?
He found turquoise, abalone, and parrot feathers
The Search for Early Americans is mostly about?
Discoveries that helped us know more about Native Americans
The Search for Early Americans is mostly about?
Discoveries that helped us know more about Native Americans
What kind of creature id the Minotaur?
Half Bull and half man
How did Sir Arthur become interested in Crete?
He bought his wife some moonstones that had had Cretian writing on them
What made Evan think that bulls played an important part in the culture of the ancient Minoans?
Pictures of bulls showed up on vases and other objects and in paintings
What 2 types of genre is a part of The Island of the Bulls?
Myth and non-fiction
Scholars believe the Minoan city was destroyed by what in The Island of the Bulls?
A volcanic explosion
What did Greek scholars in Egypt think hieroglyphs were?
A kind of picture writing
Why didn’t Egyptians know the meaning of the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone?
The language had not been used for many centuries
What kind of writing was on the Rosetta Stone?
Demotic hieroglyphs
What is an inscription?
Something that is written or carved on a surface
Why were the French in Egypt in the 1700’s?
Napoleon invaded and brought scientists/scholars to study the history and culture
What does Hatshepsut want to prove to the Egypt and the rest of the world?
A woman can rule like a man
Queen Hatshepsut was written from the point of view of:
The Queen
What does the Queen think about the palaces expenses?
They are way to high and need to be cut down
Is His Majesty Queen Hatshepsut a fiction
or non-fiction story?
Why were the priests resentful towards the Queen?
They thought a woman shouldn’t be ruler and she participated in rituals for a man.
What two empires were linked by trade in The Silk Route?
China and Rome
What was the main idea in The Silk Route?
The route was an important trade route long ago
What purpose did the silk route serve other that for trade?
The trails were sometimes used by invading armies
What is a caravan and what could happen to them while on a journey?
A caravan is a group fog people traveling together for safety. They can be attacked/killed by nomads for goods along a journey