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What is the name of the movement of people from Cameroon to other parts of Africa that began around 22 BC?
the "Bantu Migration"
Which of the following has the most influence on life in the West African Kingdoms?
What was responsible for the end of the Songhai Kingdom?
War with Moroccan armies
Which of the following does not belong in the same category as the other three?
Which place in southeastern Africa has a complex of buildings?
Mount Kilimanjaro
Along what river in a sub Sanaron Africa did agriculture first develop?
Who expanded the mogul empire to its greatest extent?
Barbur was to the mogul dynesty as Zhu Yuanzhang was to the...?
Ming Dynasty
Which of the following best explains why Muslim armies conquered India with ease?
India ws divided into many small states
The Taj Mahal is a spectacular example of what?
A mausoleum
Which part of Beijing contained the homes of the emperors?
The Forbidden City
Which leader united the Mongols into an invading force?
Ghenghis Khan
what is the mae of the Japanese poem with three lines and 17 sylables?