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Name the Three "G's" New Spain sought in the New World
Gold, Glory, & God
How many electoral votes are needed to win a presidential election
What vocab term is another name for commerce
Who did Alexander Hamilton support, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
What vocab term means the desire to end slavery
Compromise between Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan
Great Compromise
Why couldn't Alexander Hamilton run for President
He wasn't naturally born
What happened to Missouri & Maine in the Missouri Compromise
Missouri = slave
Maine = free
How many articles are there in the Constitution
The belief that the individual state govts should be stronger than the federal govt.
States' Rights
This law said that Americans could not trade with either Britain or France
Nonintercourse acts
He Led a failed slave revolt
Nat Turner
These people demanded bribes so that US merchants could trade in the Mediterranean Sea
Barbary States
This woman helped to reform the prison system, and treatment for the mentally ill
Dorthea Dix
What is Federalism?
The division of power between the state and federal government
Gives Congress the power to create laws that are necessary and proper
Elastic Clause
Which President was involved in the "midnight appointment" of Supreme Court Judges
John Adams
What territory did the Missouri Compromise effect?
Louisiana Purchase
Which part of Congress approves treaties and presidential appointments
Feeling of pride in one's country
Chief Executive of each state
Which President won the disputed election of 1824 (Clay's a Cheater, Corrupt Bargain)
John Quincy Adams
This man single handedly started the Industrial Revolution
Samuel Slater
This President followed Jackson, but the country faced a depression during his time in office
Martin Van Buren
A combined group with both members of the House and Senate
Joint Committee or Confrence Committee
This battle happened after the War of 1812 was over but it gave a needed boost of morale to the US
Battle of New Orleans
The process of moving from agriculture to industry
This man was president during the "era of good feelings"
James Monroe
The Treaty of Ghent ended this war
War of 1812
What vocab term means foreigner?
This President tried to prevent a second war with Britain but was unsuccessful
James Madison
What vocab term is a company that invests in a trip to the New World, in hope of making a profit
Joint Stock Company
This idea allowed three branches of government to be set up, each branch with specific jobs
Separation of Powers
This is a vobab term of a loose joining of states
When Jackson forced Native Americans off hteir lands and pushed them Westward
Trail of Tears (Indian Removal Act)
What were the laws that severely limited the rights of enslaved Africans?
Slave Codes
He went against his strict interpretation of the Constitution witht the purchase of a new territory.
Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson sent the marines here to stop piracy.
Barbary States (in Africa)