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What invention did Eli Whitney invent?
Cottin Gin
What person managed a plantation?
What did the invention of the cotton gin increase and why?
slavery b/c there was more work to be done
Who was the author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Who was the conductor of the undergroung railroad?
Harriet Tubman
layolty to your area
Popular Sovereignty
let the people decide for themselves
Who wanted to start a slave rebellion @ Harper's Ferry?
John Brown
Missouri Comprimise
deals w/ the Lousiania Territory, above the 36-30 line are free states, below the line are slave states
people against slavery
Who was the presidnet of Confederate states?
Jefferson Davis
What was anothr name for a group who terrorized Blacks?
Ku Klux Klan
The _________ was made of:
Poor whites
Small Farmers
Union Soldiers
Confederate Soliders
Who was the President during the Civil war?
Abraham Lincoln
Who debated Abe Lincoln for senate seat?
Stephen Douglas
The cotton gin increased/decreased the rate at which slaves could clean cotton
Who was an ex-slave who spoke out against slavery?
John Brown
Who was declared property and not a citizen. He was sued for freedom.
Dred Scott
What does the cotton gin do for the soil?
The cotton gin ruines the soil
Kansas- Nebraska Act
Divided the Nebraska territory into 2 states, Nebraska and Kansas- Popular Soveregnty
Slave codes
different laws that would keep slaves from trying to run away
Triangle Trade
more influinsion- the middle passage referred to the route which the slaves where on the boat
Radical Republicans
Very Anti-Salvery
Fredrick Douglas
Escape slave who was self educated, and an abolishonist speaker
Kunta Kinte
African teenager who was caught and sold to into the life of a slave
Robert E. Lee
-Southern general who almost led the weaker south to victory
-surrendered to Grant
Abraham Lincoln
-helped reunite the nation and abolish slavery
-president during the Civil War
Stephen Douglas
-Debated Lincoln for the senate prior to the Civil War, even though Douglas won lincoln became president