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What industry provides the most jobs in Florida?
Service industries provide most jobs in Florida.
What is a migrant worker?
A migrant worker is a worker that:

- travels from place to place,
- with the seasons,
- to harvest hand picked fruits and vegetables.

- This is a very low paying job.
What is Florida's growth due to?
Florida's growth is due to:

- growing industry and
- our location in the Sun Belt.
Why are Florida's wetlands disappearing?
Florida's wetlands disappearing due to:

- Land that was once wilderness has been used for communities and businesses.

- Wetlands (marshes and canals) were drained and filled to provide land.
What two factors have changed agriculture in Florida?
Two factors that have changed Florida agriculture are:

- technology and
- modern machinery.
What changes have technology and modern machinery provided for agriculture?
Technology and modern machinery provided agriculture the abiltity to:

- produce larger crops on less land,with
- fewer workers faster and easier.
What is Florida's leading service industry?
Tourism is Florida's leading service industry.

Nearly 50 million tourists spend more that $40 billion dollars in Florida each year.
Does Florida import goods?
Yes, Florida can not grow or make everything it needs, so it imports goods from other places.
Where do most Floridians live?
8 out of 10 Floridians in:

- Central and
- Southern Florida.
What is interdependence?
Interdependence is depending on each other for resouces and products.
What negative results came from abuse of wetlands and wilderness?
Negative results from abuse of wetlands and wilderness are:

- loss of habitats for animals, and
- harm to the quality of our state's freshwater resources.
How many Florida workers work in service industries?
Almost 7 out of 10 Florida workers work in service industries.
What is urban sprawl?
Urban sprawl is:

- the spread of urban (city) areas and the growth of new centers of business and shopping.
How much of Florida's income is produced through service industries?
About 3/4 of Florida's income is produced through service industries.
What does a "growing population" mean?
A " growing population " means:

- Crowded highways and streets,
- more electricity and water is needed,
- more trash must be collected, and
- more hospitals and schools are needed.
What is international trade?
International trade is:

- trade with other countries.
What does population density tell us?
Population density tells us:

- how many people live in an area of a certain size, and

- the size is usually 1 square mile or 1 square kilometer.
Why are wetlands important to Florida?
Wetlands are important to Florida because they:

- naturally purify or clean, Florida's fresh water supply,and

- provide habitats for wildlife.
Who are many of Florida's international trading partners?
Latin American countries are many of Florida's international trading partners.

( Brazil, Venezula, Argentina, Peru..)
What is Florida's rank in population in the United States?
Florida is ranked fourth in population,
(the fourth largest state)with more than 15 million people.
What is a square mile?
A square mile is a square piece of land.
Each side is a mile long.
What is a conclusion?
A conclusion is:

a decision or idea reached by thoughful study.

You combine new facts with facts that you already know.
What are examples of festivals in Florida?
Florida Citrus Festival in Winter Haven
Strawberry Festival in Plant City
Florida State Fair in Tampa
Calle Ocho Festival in Miami
Zora Neale Hurston Fest. Eatonville Kuumba Festival in Jacksonville
Native American Heritage in Tallahassee
Gasparilla Festival in Tampa
What is a square kilometer?
A square kilometer is a square piece of land with sides that are one kilometer long.
How are people like resources on Earth?
Like resources, people are not spread evenly across Earth. More people live in some areas than in others.
Orlando is growing very quickly. What is your viewpoint?
Orlando should stop developing new areas until the city can build enough schools and roads for the people who already live there.
What is an example of professional sports in Florida?
Baseball is one example of professional sports in Florida.

- Hundreds of professional players come here each Spring for Spring Training.

- Twenty major league teams compete in what is called the "Grapefruit League".
What are Florida's leading imports?
Florida's leading imports are:

- clothing,
- oil, and
- automobilies.
What happens if urban growth is not slowed?
If urban growth is not slowed there is a loss of wildlife habitat.
What can Orlando do to protect wildlife habitats and waterways?
Orlando can:

- plan more carefully for future growth,
- over the next 10 years, adopt a program called "FLORIDA FOREVER".

Florida Forever will spend $3 billion to buy land and protect waterways.
How many students attend public schools in Florida?
Public schools today have more than 2 million students in 3,000 schools.
What are Florida's leading exports?
Florida's leading exports are:

- industrial machinery,
- computer equipment, and
- electronic equipment.
What is a prediction?
A prediction is:

- looking at the way things are and saying what you think will most likely happen next.

You use information that you know and your past experiences to make a prediction.
How are public schools funded?
Public schools are paid for by the state and local governments through taxes.

Sometimes special programs receive money from the Federal government.
What is the Sun Belt?
The Sun Belt is:

- a wide area of the United States stretching from the Atlantic Ocean of the Southeast region through the Southwest region to the Pacific that has a mild climate.
How are private schools paid for?
Private schools generally DO NOT get money from taxes.

Parents, churches and other groups pay for them.
What are examples of service industries?
Examples of service indutries are:

- restaurants,
- hotels,
- banks,
- insurance companies,
- stores, and
- hospitals.
How many Florida students attend private schools?
More than 250,000 Florida students attend private schools.
What is a service industry?
A service industry is :

- an industry that provides a service rather than producing a crop or manufactured good.
What is a festival?
A festival is a celebration that takes place:

- every year,
- usually at the same time of year.