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Lord Dunmore
The last royal governor of Virginia. He ordered British Marines to steal gunpowder from the Virginia colonists.
Second Continental Congress
A group of representatives from all British colonies. They elected George Washington to be the leader of the Continental Army.
George Washington
Virginia born messanger. He was chosen by the Second
Continental Congress to lead the Continental Army.
Continental Army
The offical army created by the colonists and lead by George Washington to fight against the British.
A colonist who remained loyal to the British King.
Great Bridge
The location where Lord Dunmore was defeated by the soldiers of the Virginia militia.
A colonist who was opposed to the rule of the British king.
Gwynn's Island
The location that Lord Dunmore fled to after he was defeated at Great Bridge.
A large meeting of members of a group for a common purpose.
Virginia Convention
A meeting of Virginia colonists who declared Virginia an independent colony, and encouraged other colonies to become independent too.
George Mason
He was a member of the Virginia Convention, and he created the Virginia Declaration of Rights.
Virginia Declaration of Rights
George Mason's list of freedoms he felt all people should have.
Declaration of Independence
The official document from the colonies to King George III declaring themselves independent.
A document that states the basic laws and rules of a government.
The city in the Pennsylvania colony where the meetings of the Continental Congress took place.
Richard Henry Lee
A Virginia representative of the Continental Congress who helped urge the colonies to break away from Great Britain.
Thomas Jefferson
The man who wrote the Declaration of Independence.
King George III
The king of Great Britain when the colonies offically declared themselves independent.
Revolutionary War
The war between the British Army and the colonists for independence.
Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee
An important Virginian who earned many victories with his cavalry in the Revolutionary War.
A troop of soldiers on horses.
Daniel Morgan
A Virginian who helped in the victories at Saratoga and Cowpens.
George Rogers Clark
A Virginian who helped capture the Ohio River Valley during the Revolutionary War.
James Armistead
A slave who won his freedom as a spy for the Patriots.
James Armistead
A slave who won his freedom as a spy for the Patriots.
The new capital city of Virginia.
The city where the Virginia government met to avoid the British.
Jack Jouett
A Virginian who discovered the British plan to capture the leaders at Charlottesville.
The meeting place for the Virginia government after the British plan to capture leaders in Charlottesvile was ruined.
Lord Charles Cornwallis
The commander of the British Army.
The location where the Patriots forced Lord Cornwallis and his army to surrender.