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What was the Dutch settlement in North America called
New Netherlands
What were the Middle Atlantic Colonies called?
The "breadbasket"
Why were the Middle Atlantic Colonies called the "breadbasket"
Because they produced many crops used in making bread
What was New Netherlands called after the English defeated it
New York and New Jersey
What was the first colony founded by the Quakers in North America
New Jersey
What colony also attracted many Quakers
Why did the Quakers settle in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
For religious freedom
What did William Penn's frame of government give citizens
1.freedom of speech
2.freedom of worship
3.trial by jury
How did most of the people in the Middle Atlantic Colonies make their living
By farming
What other colony did William Penn also own for a while
What were some of Benjamin Franklin's accomplishments
1.organized the first firefighting company
2.make Philadelphia a major publishing center
3.worked to have Philadelphia's streets paved and lit
4.raised money to build the first hospital in Philadelphia
5.organized militia to protect Philadelphia
6.experimented with electricity
7.helped set up the first library in the colonies
Why was traveling in the backcountry so hard
Because of waterfalls in rivers and lack of roads
How did frontier families get their food and supplies
By hunting, farming, and making almost everything they needed
The right of a person accused of a crime to be tried by a jury
Trial by Jury
A person who comes into a country to make a new home there
A volunteer army
A yearly calendar and weather forecast that helps farmers know when to plant crops
The land between the Coastal Plain and Appalachian Mountains
Back Country