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everything that surrounds you. incl. plants, animals, climate, soil where you live
what happens as the result of a cause
something that makes something else happen
Pueblo Indians belief that the living spirits of much-loved ancestors. Spring-borrow men's bodies and come doen from their home in the sacred mtns. (bring rain - crops to grow)
a union of people who join together for a common purpose.
wanderers with no permanent home. followed buffalo.
Great Plains Indians
special feast - "big man" showed off his wealth by giving it all away. Northwest Coast Indians
totem pole
special pole carved from a tall tree.
Northwest Coast Indians
huge frozen plain
holy man with vision. saw a mighty tree of "Great Peace" held by 5 strong roots. (the 5 Iroquois groups) made peace Met Hiawatha-warrior shared dream & helped.
what did the kachinas do?
helped the Hopi (group of Pueblo Indians) grow healthy crops. taught them how to live. stay 6 months.
Pueblo Indians. where live?
what do they need to survive?
Southwest. weather- hot dry.
Need irrigation (rain) very religious-pray/dance for rain
Plains Indians. where live?
what do they need to survive?
open spaces, middle country, hard to live there until horses. nomads - had to move camp often (follow buffalo) buffalo important for everything- food, clothes, shelter. horse import. ride into herd kill more buffalo to use.
Indians belief about land.
Part of themselves. Use what nature offers. All NA Indian groups respected the land that gave them life."mother earth" deep love for land
why some Indians could live in villages?
could get enough food year round. did not have to travel. had ocean, good weather, land. Northwest Coast Indians
How Indians adapted to their environment in different ways.
use what they had.
each environ. different plants, animals for food. each environ. diff. materials for shelter, clothes.
What effect did horse have on Plains Indians?
hinting easier.kill more buffalo in a day. Less hunger/starvation/dying. Camp could more faster/easier. More Indians came to live - easier living.
nomads. lived where? list 3 facts.
Great Plains. hunted buffalo, traveled, used buffalo for everything.
Great Basin. hunted small animals, insects, gathered berries. stored food in baskets
California Indians lived where? list 3 facts.
between Pacific Ocean, Sierra Nevada. Land of plenty. life good. food easy to get. lived in villages. no war.
Northwest Coast Indians. Lived where? list facts.
Northern California - Alaska.
Villages, built totem poles and potlatch to show off wealth.
Eskimos Indians. lived where? list facts.
Far north Arctic Plains. challenging environment. igloos. amimal skins, oils.
"Inuit"- "the people"