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3 Prehistoric Indian Tribes?
Desert Gatherers, Fremont, and Anasazi
5 Historic Indian Tribes?
Utes, Goshutes, Paiutes, Navajo, and Shoshone
4 Indian Farms?
12 Mile, Deep Creek, Corn Creek, Spanish Fork
3 culture clashes of the Whites and Indians
Whites had lots of rules and harsh punishments. Indians had few rules and little punishments. Whites were farmers, and Indians were Hunters and Gatherers.
3 conflicts of the Whites and Indians
Indians stole cattle, Whites brought diseases, and Whites stole the Indians land
7 Indian Reservations
Navajo, Shoshone, Uintah/Orray, Skull Valley, Kanosh, Shivwitz, Washakie
John Gunnison
Surveyor of the Transcontinental Railroad
Walker War
~Started in Springville
~An Indian was killed there
~Utes killed a millitiaman
~Whites started making forts
~Called it "Forting Up"
~Brigham Young and Walkara met at Chicken Creek near Levan
~Brigham Young gave Walkara's daughter a Priestood Blessing
~Happened in 1853
Goshute War
~Between California and Mississippi
~Several Stations were established
~Happened in 1860
~Included Goshutes and Shoshones
~They slaughtered an entire camp of Indians
~16 whites were killed
~over 100 indians were killed
Bear River Massacre
~Whites killed friendly indians
~Colonel Patrick Edward Connor was in charge of the soldiers
~Colonel Patrick Edward Connor made plans to attack camp at Bear River
~250 indians were killed
~Sagwitch went back and found an infant, and left it there in a tree
~Happened in 1863
Black Hawk War
~Longest and Most Destructive
~In Circlville, Whites slaughtered the Indians
~Black Hawk signed a Peace Treaty
~Happened in 1865-1868
Gunnison Massacre
~Happened in 1853
~7 died on the Sevier River
~They were attacked by the Pahvant Indians
~4 of Gunnison's men escaped
~Gunnison died as well
dig up the dead
Last Battle of Utah
~1 person died
~It was Chief Posey
Jacob Hamblin
Friend of the Indians