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Which Egyptian leader wanted the people to worship only the god Aton?
Amenhotep IV
What was a result of the annual flooding in the Nile Valley?
The soil was made more fertile because of the new silt.
What did the Egyptians call the "giver of life"?
What were the 3 parts of the Egyptian calendar?
What Egyptian god was a combination of 2 gods?
What did the Egyptians develop to keep track of the yearly flooding of the Nile?
Why was uniting Upper and Lower Egypt inmportant?
It created the first nation-state.
To whom did all the power and authority in the government in Egypt belong?
What was the tomb for ancient Egyptian rulers called?
What is the lowland formed from silt that a river leaves at its mouth called?
One of the greatest inventions of the Egypytians was this paper like material...
What did the people of Egypt use their gods to explain?
events in nature
There was only one woman to rule Egypt as a pharaoh,who was it?
Who conquered the Persian Empire and gained control of Egypt in 332 B.C. ?
Alexander the Great
What was the name of the person who controlled all of the land and all of the people in Egypt?
In Egypt the government recors were written in what?
What was the name of a person who was an advisor to a pharaoh in ancient Egypt?
What is the term for a person who is a go-between?
This is another word for a command.
This is a network of appointed government officials....
This is a series of rulers from the same family
This was a city-state in ancient Egypt.
This is a war in which a group of people from the same place or country fight each other.
Civil War
This term means to tell ahead of time what will happen.
This is a region with a single government and united group of people
Why was the Nile River called the "giver" of life?
1)It supplied water for the people and their crops.
2) It was used as a waterway for travel and trade.
3) It left behind silt which made the soil fertile and good for farming
Why was the Nile River called the "taker" of life?
1) At times it flooded and destroyed the crops.
2) Sometimes there would not be enough water and the crops would die.
How did the Egyptianpharaohs use their political and religious authority to create a strong government?
1) They decided everything about the people's lives.
2) made sure that life and government did not change over the years
3) total authority over all the land and all the people.
4) People obeyed them without question.
5) Pharaohs were thought to be gods in human form.