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What is the world's largest desert?
What is the world's largest desert?
What is the Ancient Kingdom located along the fertile land of the upper Nile?
What is the Kingdom of the Soninke People located between the Niger and Sengal rivers?
What is the center of traade and learning in Mali?
What is the capital of Songhai?
What is the kingdom in the rain forests of the Guinea coast?
What is the Cristian kindom in the mountains of East Africa?
What is the capital of inland empire whose name means "Great stone buildings"?
Define: desertification
Process by which fertile or semi-desert land becomes desert.
Define: griot
Professional storyteller in East Africa.
Define: lineage
Group claiming a common ancestor.
Define: mansa
Mansa (Musa) Kings.
Define: savanna
Grassy plain with irregular patterns of rainfall.
Who was Augustine? What did he do?
He was the most influential christian thinker and he was the bishop of Hippo.
Who was Lalibela? What did he do?
He was the KIng of Ethiopia and had a dozen churches carved into mountains.
Who was Piankhi? What did he do?
He was the Nubian King who conqured Egypt.
Who was Sonni Ali? What did he do?
He brought key trade routes and wealthy cities like Timbuktu.
Who was Sundiata? What did he do?
He was a brilliant military leader.
The Nubian capital of Meroe was an important producer of ________.
Iron ore
What did King Ezana of Axum strengthen ties with the Mediterranean world?
Slash-and-burn agriculture represents an adaptation to the environment.
What group of people developed expert knowledge of the natural world by adapting to life in the Kalahari?
The Khoisan people.
In a patrilineal culture kinship ties cames through the _______ side.
The griots of West Africa preserved _______ traditions.
history and traditional folk tale
Who set up a Muslim dynasty in Songhai?
Asika Muhammad
The kingdom of _______ had a port on the Red Sea.
_______ was the ruler who made a hajj that resulted in trading and diplomatic ties between Mali and other Muslim states.
Mansa Musa
Axum prospered partly because it had a port on the _______.
Red Sea
_______ was the religious tradition that the Axumites passed on to the Ethiopians.
How did the Khoisan people adapt to the Kalahari environment?
They gathered edible plants and herbs and hunted small game.
_______ is when people trace their inheritance and descent through their mother's side.
"And when he sits before the people, he puts on a high capdecorated with gold and wrapped in turbans of fine cotton." Which kingdom, whose ruler is described in the quote above was called, "Land of gold"?
"The man spread upon Cario the flood of his generosity." Whose visit to Egypt on the way to Mecca is described in the quote above?
Mansa Musa
_______ is where Christian churches were carved into the mountains?
Griots strengthened West African societies by _______.
They fostered a sence of community and common values amoung peoples of Africa.
Describe the results of Mansa Musa's hajj.
Mansa Musa showed his devotion to Islam, forged new trading and diplomatic ties with Muslim states, returned home with scholars and artists, and showed word of Mali's great wealth.