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Giving political power to the people and ensuring majority rule is called ______ democracy.
The election of _____ as president was seen as ending government control by the educated elite.
The policy of elected officials rewarding political bakers with government jobs is knowsn as the _____ system.
_____ was elected as president in what some considered to be a corrupt political deal.
John Quincy Adams
The Cherokee cheif who perfected a writing system for his people was _______.
The ______ Territory covers what is now known as Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.
The journey west that the Cherokee were forced to make from 1838-1839 is known as the ______.
Trail Of Tears
The _________ allowed Congress to negotiate treaties that would force Native Americans to move west.
Indian Removal Act
_____ led a band of Seminoles in the Everglades. They defeated the US army.
_____ was the issue in the Webster-Hayne Debate.
State's Rights
_______ was a nationalist from South Carolina who became a champion for states' rights.
John C. Calhoun
______ was a Massachusettes political leader who was one of the strongest nationalists in the Us senate.
Daniel Webster
The Tariff of 1828 was called the Tariff of Abominations because
The south didn't like it because they got less money for cotton and paid more for goods.
The _____ of 1837 came from widespread concern about the nation's health.
_______ was a vice president who became president as a result of a former president's popularity.
Martin Van Buren
____ resulted from the failure of the nation's money system.
_____ became president after the popular war-bero president died in office.
John Tyler
_____ resulted from an increase in the money supply and a decrease in the value of money.
People who supported Jackson formed the _____ party.
The Cherokee had to move west because
settlers wanted their land and gold.
The doctrine of nullification was important in the South because
they didn't have to follow laws
Jackson disliked the national bank because its policies favored the
Giving _____ to the people was a central principle of Jacksonian democracy.
Having a _______ distinguished the Cherokee from other tribes.
writing system/constituition
______ policies controlled the nation's money supply during most of Jackson's presidency.
As a result of the Tariff of Abominations, South Carolina threatened to _____ from the Union.
What was Jacksonian democracy?
How did it effect the nation?
spreading political power to people.
expanded voting rights
______ was elected president in 1840.
William Henry Harrison
______ was elected president in 1840.
William Henry Harrison