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State two ways in which mountains are formed.
the action of plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions.
Give two uses of mountains.
recreational activities and agricultural production.
Name two mountains that are found in Jamaica, and state the parishes which they are found
Cockpit Country-St.James and Trelawny
BLue Mts-Portland, St.Andrew and St. THomas.
What is a plain?
a large area of flat land.
What is a valley?
a low area of land between hills or mountains.It is usually a 'v' or 'u' shape.
What is a river?
a large natural flow of water moving in a channel to the sea or another river.
How is a hill formed?
by deposit of glacial dust.
How is a river formed?
when one stream meets another and they merge together, the smaller stream is known as a tributary.It take many tributary stream to form a river.
How is a valley formed?
forces such as erosion and rivers huge bodies of ice that moved along;the carved the valleys as they pass carrying away large boulders and huge amount of debris.
How is a plain formed?
volcanic eruptions.
How are igneous rocks formed?
they are formed when the melted rock, called magma,deep within the earth becomes trapped in small pockets.As these pockets of magma cool slowly underground,the magma becomes igneous roocks
Give two examples of igneous rocks.
granite and pumice
How are metamorphic rocks formed?
the rocks are under tons and tons of pressure which fosters heat build up, and this causes them to change
give two examples of metamorphic rocks.
schist and gneiss
How are sedimentary rocks formed?
Give two examples of sedimentary rocks.
gypsum and limestone