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what is social construction view?
that there is no absolute, unchanging, or universal features that defined deviance. that there is so definition because it it is socially constructed by people
what are the sub catergories?
1. Relativism
3. voluntarism
What is relatvism?
Deviance is a label assigned by others

The label comes not from the behavior but is socially constructed
Therefore deviance is not absolutely real
What is subjectivism?
Deviance is a subjective experience

Humans are not lab rats, to be studied and controlled

To understand humans and groups, one must see with their eyes
What is voluntarism?
Deviance is a voluntary act

Humans have and use free will

Persons believe their actions to have positive meaning
What are Social Constructionist theories?
!. Labeling Theory
2. Phenomenological Theory
3. Conflict Theory
What is the Labeling Theory?
process by which deviants and non deviants interacts. focuses on powerrelations. the relationship between the labeler and the labeled
What are the consequences of labeling?
1. Macro level (inward) once an individual has a deviant label and the label becomes a form of a deviant master status
2. Macro level labeler an individual that have been given powers they are representatives
3. micro level a deviant who takes on the image and they begin to identify the deviant status
3. micro level labeler a person that his or her own views on how to interpurt whats deviant
What is Conflict theory
how the powerful define and control the powerless as deviants
Cultural conflict: what is right and wrong what is right in one and what is wrong in another
social conflict: incompatible interests, needs, and desires of diverse groups within a society
what is the Phenomenological Theory?
assumes that all kinds of people whether deviant or labelers are always wanting to defind or interprete deviance