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Critical criminology's major premise?
The major premise of the theory is that the capitatlist means of production creates class conflict. The criminal justice system is an agent of class warfare.
The strengths of critical criminology?
It accounts for the association between economic structure and crime rates.
Major premise of Structural Critical theory?
That the law is designed to sustain the capitalist economic structure.
The major strength of Structural Critical theory?
It explains the existence of white-collar crime and business control laws.
What is the major premise of Left Realism?
Class conflicts create crime
Strength of Left Realism?
It provides a fair and humane prescription for crime control in an unjust society.
What is the major premise of Critical Feminist Theory?
Is that gender conflict in male-dominated patriarchal societies create crime.
Strength of Critical Feminist Theory?
It explains how gender differences in the crmie rate are a function of capitalist competition and the exploitation of women.
What is Marginalization?
Displacement of workers, pushing them outside the economic and social mainstream.