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captial of confederate states
captial of union states
washington dc
president of union during civil war
abe lincoln
President of the confederate states during the civil war
jefferson davis
immediate cause of the civil war
lincolns election
out come of missouri compromise
-banned slave trade in washington DC
-maine entered free
-missouri enters slave
-fugitive slave acts
how slave states lef to civil war
south-wanted states to decide on slavery
north-wanted national government
where did famous draft riots occur?
place of shermans march to the sea
advant. of North during CW
industry, large population, railroads, trained army, factories, strong government
advant. of south during CW
motivation, farming, better generals
commander of union
u.s. grant
commander of confederacy
robert e lee
place where david farragut captured a major seaport
founded red cross (angel of the battlefield)
Clara Barton
place where Fort sumter is
South Carolina
13th amendment
bans slavery
14th amendment
equal protection of laws (citizenship)
15th amendment
voting rights to any religion or race
laws that segregated blacks after CW
jim crow laws
1st prsident to be brought up on impeachment charges
andrew johnson b/c of using spoil system
define sharecropper
farmed land and then gave it back to owner
why were labor unions made?
end child labor, shorter work days, better pay, better working condition
what is complete control over an industry
impact of triange shirtwaist fire
Fire Codes and better working conditions
journalists that esposed evils in society
who wrote the Jungle?
upton sinclair about meat industry
define naturalization
process of becoming a citizen
define nativism
belief that jobs should be given to home citizens
what's a quota system?
limit on immigration
why were immigrants faced with discrimination during late 1800s
stole american jobs
why were immigrants allowed to enter US at the turn of the 20th century?
for work. they were inexpensive
what act promised 160 acres of land for 5 years of farming?
homestead act
where are the great plains
b/t rockys and appilachians
taking over other countries
matthew perry visit to _____ allowed trade w/ US
area in which a nation had specal trading privledges
sphere of influence
immediate casue of spanish american war
sinking of maine
hawiian queen who got pushed out of power bu americans when she tried to limit their power
led rough riders in S-A War
teddy roosevelt
exagerated news stories
yellow journalism
who were the boxers
chinese who rebelled against countries that controlled china
why was the panama canal made?
faster transportation from atlantic to pacific
who had the big stick policy
teddy roosevelt
why did the US want the virgin islands?
protect panama canal
caused of WW1 and WW11
militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism
immediate cause of WW1
assasination iof franz ferdinand
what country became a communist nation during WW1
why did US enter WW1
zimmerman telegraph, sinking of lousitania, spread democracy
main goal of US during WWl
spread democracy
who led american expeditionary force during WW1
john s pershing
main function of american navy during WW1
blockade, escort, safety
woordow wilsons plan for peace after WW1
14 points
18th amendment
19th amendment
womens suffrage
21st amendment
ended prohibiton
goal of prohibition
end drinking alcohol and end women abuse
trial that involved the teaching of evolution in public schools
scopes trial (monkey trial)
This "rebirth" of African American culture occured in NYC during the 1920's
Harlem Rennisance
What was the cause of World War II
Germany invaded Poland
What nations made up the allied powers?
U.S.; Great Britain, France, China, Soviet Union
Who was the President of the United States during most of World War II?
FDR & Truman
Who was the leader of Great Britain during WWII?
Winston Churchill
Why did the U.S. enter WWI?
Attack on Pearl Harbor.
"Blitzkrieg" means:
Lightning War
List the continents that World War II was wage on..
Africa, Europe, Asia
The day when the allies invaded Europe was called...
This occurred in what country?
D Day

What country was our ally during WWI and our enemy during WWII?
Who saved the Allied forces on the beaches of Dunkirk?
Who were placed in internment camps during WWI, and why?
Japanese Americans becuase the Americans thought they were spies.
England and France are separated by what body of water?
English Channel
What two cities in Japan had atomic bombs dropped on them?
Himshima & Nagosorki
What president was responsible for dropping the bomb?
What was the last German battle before their defeat?
Battle of the Bulge
What was the Holocaust?
A period of kililng of Jews, gypsies, etc. by Hitler.
The organization formed after WWII to keep international peace is what?
United Nations
Define "Cold War"
After WWII, intense rivalry between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union)
Define "Iron Curtain"
Dividing communist and democratic countries
Define "containment"
Boundries, not letting communism spread
The Berlin airlift was used to save the city of Berlin from being take over by what country?
Soviet Union
What was the goal of NATO?
Prevent Soviet expansion
Why did the US enter the Korean War?
What country was divided after WWII?
What was the name of JKF's believe that if one country fell to communism others would follow?
Domino Theory
The cause of the Vietnam war was:
N. Vietnam invaded S. Vietnam
What was the outcome of the Vietnam war?
S. Vietnam fell to communism
Who is the leader of Cuba?
Fidel Castro
What are the nations that are controlled by larger, more powerful countries called?
Satellite nations
Who was the President during the Cuban Missile Crisis? This is the closest the U.S. very came to what ???
JFK-John F. Kennedy

Nuclear War
What was the goal of the Lyndom B. Johnson's "Great Society"?
Provide help to the poor and the elderly
What means friendship and cooperation between the superpowers?
What president was the first to travel to China and the Soviet Union during the Cold War?
Richard M. Nixon
What was created to compete with the Soviets? Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

Neil Armstrong
Reusable spaceships are called?
What wa the name of the scandal surrouding Richard Nixon's office? He was the first president to ??? from office.
This president became president in 1981 and when he did so, was involved in the scandal called ???
Ronald Reagan

Iran-Contra Affair
American involvement in the middle east is best described as
vaned due to time/relationship to our needs
During what war, the US fought to drive what people out of Kuwait?
Persian Gulf

Who was the leader of Iraq?
Saddam Hussein
What country collapsed in 1991? It was broken up into many smaller nations, of them which was the largest?
Soviet Union

Who was the leader when the Soviet Unin ceased to exist?
Milchail Gorbachev
Who was the president of the United Stated from 1993-2001? He was impeached for lying under oath.
Bill Clinton
Wht type of government does China currently have?
Who is the current President of Russia?
Vladimir Rutin
Who is the current Prime Minister of Great Britain?
Tony Blair