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Social problems should be studied like diseases. If causes and symptoms are studied then cures can be found.
Smith - The Organic Analogy

Social Pathology
People are born criminals and display certain facial features.
Lobroso, Ferrero - The Criminal As A Born Criminal Type

Social Pathology
Criminals can be made by nature or nurture. Juviniles are easier to rehabilitate.
Platt - The Child Savers

Social Pathology
An attempt to universalize criterion for pathology. Pathological behaivor is defined as "that which is destructive or self-destructive".
Kavolis - A Universal Criterion of Pathology

Social Pathology
Communities and institutions are becoming increasingly competitive rather than a refuge from competition. Individualism v. collectivism.
Slater - The Pursuit of Lonliness

Social Pathology
There is no way to scientifically define social pathology because there are too many differences among seperate societies.
Rosenquist - The Moral Premises of Social Pathology

Social Pathology (criticism)
Any change in Society will cause a disruption and disturbance. The basis of social organization is tradition and custom, and any change that disturbs that will result in some form of disorganization and delinquency.
Park - Social Change and Social Disorganization

Social Disorganization
Cities break apart into social areas in a radial pattern from the center downtown area.
Faris, Dunham - The Ecology of Urban Disorganization

Social Disorganization
Confusion as to whether to focus on the "I" or "We" attitude. Children of immigrants have trouble deciding what culture to identify with because of the introduction of new values (vanity, econ issues, sex appeal).
Thomas, Zananiecki - Family Disorganization

Social Disorganization
When equal housing oppotunities came about black leaders left black communities. These neighborhoods were left without positive role models and slow decline ensued.
Anderson - The Decline of a Black Community

Social Disorganization
Disorganizaton and deviant behaivor are not always negative. Subcultures and new ideas can contribute diversity and progress.
Clinard - A Disorganizing Concept

Social Disorganization (criticism)
Three types of social problems:
Physical - definetly a problem but can't be prevented. how do we deal with consequences?
Ameliorative - definetly a problem. How do we take action against the problem?
Moral - is this a problem? do we take any action? what kind?
Fuller, Myers - The Conflict of Value

Value Conflict
Three stages of a social problem:
awareness - groups become aware
policy determination - sides taken, values defined, plan of action
reform - one group succeeds in rallying action on behalf of their values
Fuller, Myers - The Stages of a Social Problem

Value Conflict
Some laws that are passed reflect norms and standards only of the group in power and not the majority of society or another large group.
Gusfield - Values, Politics, and Social Problems

Value Conflict
Organizational v Humanitarian mores. A human. org. trying to respond to a situation must repect organizational mores. (i.e. handing out birth control)
Waller - Words Without Deeds

Value Conflict
In Value Conflict social definitions are made by the powers of society, leaving out moral differences of lower classes. The perspective offers no idea of how to solve problems. Doesn't give a greater understanding of society. Narrow Frame of mind
Westhues - A Critique of the Value Conflict Perspective

Value Conflict (criticism)
Five adaptations to society's pressures
conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, rebellion.
Clinard - Robert Merton: Anomie and Social Structure

Deviant Behaivor
Criminalilty is learned in society and causes people to view situations as criminal or not.
Sutherland, Cressey - Learning to Be Deviant

Deviant Behaivor
White collar crime is accepted as a form of business and is quickly learned in the workplace as a matter of survival.
Sutherland - A Theory of White Collar Crime

Deviant Behaivor
Merton is too focused on social classes. People are not free agents because our values are given by our social groups which we do not often have control over.
Clinard - Anomie: Theory and Fact

Deviant Behaivor (criticism)
Sutherland oversimplifys the process by which criminality is concerned. He fails to focus on personality traits effecting how people raised in the same environment will percieve a given situation.
Cressey - An Evaluation of the Theory of Differential Association

Deviant Behaivor (criticism)
Social Pathology
viewing social problems as a disease.
caused by lack of socialization (defective, dependent, delinquent)
solution: moral education
Social Disorganization
Failure of rules leadds to culture conflict, normlessness and total breakdown
social change causes rules to not apply
Value Conflict
conflict of values causes social problems
policy formation
blame assignment
Deviant Behaivor
There are certain ends in life and we use means to acheive them. Ends can be blocked by community and family issues.
accepts means and ends
accepts means, rejects ends
rejects means and ends
rejects and redefines means and ends
rejects means, accepts ends