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Introdce us
Circle Six-Facilitate/Brainst
Engage/no interruption
Also-used to be 6 of us
The Wow Experience
*Creating a better experience is one way for companies to compete and differentiate themselves from their competitors
Marketplace survey "Establishing and maintaining customer relationships will be the single greatest source of competitive advantage in the 21st century."
What we know:
*Best Buy/Circut City
*Credit cards
*Kids Hair Example
*Maintain/Add Cust base
*MLA Newsline "It takes months to find a cust or devl their appreciation for your service, jsut seconds to lose one or undo past good work"
*Menards example
*House project
*Broken/bent gutters
*3 attempts
*Industrial Revolution
*Service Revolution
*21st Century: Selling the Experience
*Angel Customer & Demon Customer " Customers are where the money comes from-putting customers are the center of our focus has always made sense. It's simple reason that seems so obvious...but tends to be forgotten."
Strategic Initiatives
*What we care about/Need
*BBY lighting example
*Focus Groups-follow up ?'s
*Suvey-e-mail/mail, phone, and receipts
*Quality Monitoring-is there any business...? Monitor employee
*Incentives-to follow the practices...BBY-commission/cust sat
*Benchmarking Standards-world class service
Home Depot-Take you to...
Nordstrom- The Nordstrom way to customer service excellence: A handbook for implementing great service in your organization.