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suitcase (n)
He packed his valise and drove to the train station.
paradoxical (adj)
puzzling, seeming like a contradiction (adj)

A paradox is a situation in which something seems both true and false at the same time. (n)
When you increase your knowledge, you see how little you know. You see how much you still have to learn. When you really know a lot, you can say: "I know that I know nothing." This is a paradox.
someone accused of or charged with a crime (n)
The police searched for the culprit responsible for vandalizing the school.
delirious, delirium
delirious - adj. extremely excited or extremely confused
delerium (n) - A temporary state of extreme confusion, possible hallucinations, extreme excitement; may be caused by high fever, intoxication or by the Red Sox winning the World Series.
delirious - adj.
2. A state of uncontrolled excitement or emotion: sports fans in delirium after their team's victory.
1. The patient's delirium caused him to see pink elephants marching through his room.
2. Red Soc fans were delirously happy following their World Series win.
a difference,disagreement, miscalculation (n)
The discrepancy between the correct answer and the student's test answer was due to a careless mistake in addition.
an open space surrounded by woods (n)
Bambi walked into the glade to nibble on the wildflowers.