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(Ch. 16) 3 things about penny stock cold calling rule
suitibility stmt req'd disclosure stmt monthly acct stmt
(Ch. 16) 3 types of invest co's
1-face amt cert co's 2-unit invest trusts 3-mgmt co's
(Ch. 16) exception to penny stock cold call rule
custy acct > 12 mos or 3 diff penny stock transactions
(Ch. 16) penalties for insider trading act of '98
up to greater of $1mil of or 3x profit and/or loss avoided
(Ch. 16) what 2 things does invest co act of '40 require
clear invest obj and min 100k assets w/ 100 s/holders
(Ch. 16) what act chartered the nasd as the sro of the otc
maloney act
(Ch. 16) what act regulates bonds
trust indenture of '39
(Ch. 16) what are size req for trust indenture
$5mil issued in 12 mos or mature greater than 9 mos
(Ch. 16) what does invest act of '40 do
require reg of people who receive fees for invest advice
(Ch. 16) what is uniform securities act
blue sky laws… registration at state
(Ch. 17) 4 parts of nasd manual
1-conduct rules 2-uniform practice code 3-code of procedure 4-code of arbitration
(Ch. 17) code of arbitration statute of lim
6 yrs
(Ch. 17) re code of procedure -respond time? -decision time?
respon 25 days decision 45 days
(Ch. 17) re minor rule violation -max fine? -appeal time?
max fine $2500 appeal w/i 25 days
(Ch. 17) what do principals do? how many min per firm?
approve all accts and transations… min 3 per firm
(Ch. 17) what is simplified arbitration
for $25k w/ just 1 arbitrator