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What part of the eye is the receptors for vision?
Where are the hearing & equilibrium receptors located?
inner ear
The receptors for touch & pressure are _________. (type of nerve ending?)
Encapsulated nerve ending in the dermis
When holding a pencil, you experience the touch of it in the hand. This is an example of _______ .(characteristics of sensation)
Bacterial growth on the front of the eyeball is inhibited by _________.
Lysozyme tears
The lens and cornea have no capillaries and are nourished by _____. (tissue fluid of the eyeball)
aqucous humor
The chemorecptors that detect vaporized chemicals are the ________.
Olfactory receptors in the upper nasal cavities
What part of a sensory pathway detects changes?
What changes the shape of the lens of the eye? (muscle)
Ciliary muscle
The pain of a heart attack may be felt in the left shoulder; this is an example of ___________.
referred pain
Name 3 cranial nerves that are involved in movement of the eyeball.
Oculomotor, Abducens, Trochlear
Becoming unware of a continuing stimulus is called ________.(characteristics of sensation)
The receptors that detect movement of the body are located in the _________.
(ear structure)
Semicircular canals
The receptors for hearing are part of the ________.
Organ of Corti
Where is the organ of Corti located? (inner ear structure)
in the Cochlea
What visual receptor detects color?
What is the first part of the eye that refracts light rays?
The receptors for muscle sense are ______ that detect stretching.
The receptors for thirst are in the ______ and they detect changes in body water content.
What keeps the retina in place? (semisolid substance)
vitreous humor
The adjustable part of the light refraction pathway is the __________.
what part of a sensory pathway feels the sensation?
(area that feels and interpret)
cerebral cortex
The first part of the ear to vibrate with sound waves is the ?
Name the 3 auditory bones? (MIS)
Malleus, Incus, and Stapes
Where is the eardrum located?
stretched across the endo of the ear canal
The middle ear and inner ear structures are located within the ______ bone.
What lobe are the visual areas in ?
What lobe are the olfactory areas in?
What receptor detects only the presence of light?
How many extrinsic muscles move the eye?
What is the thickest layer, visible as the white of the eye?
What is the thin membrane that lines the eyelid and the white of the eye?
Conjunctivitis is ________ of the conjunctiva?
Most of the eyeball is within and protected by the _____.
What layer contains blood vessels and a dark blue pigment that absorbs light in the eyeball to prevent glare?
What is another name for nearsightedness?
What is another name for farsightedness?
What is another name for lose of elasticty due to aging? (eyeball)
What is another name for eardrum?
tympanic membrane
Which auditory bone transmits virbrations to the fluid-filled inner ear at the oval window?
When the hair cells bend, they generate impulses that are carried to what cranial nerve ? And to the temporal lobes.
What detects chemicals in the food which are dissolved in saliva?
Taste impulses are carried by the 7th & 9th cranial nerves to taste areas in the __________ lobe?
parietal-temporal cortex
The receptors for pain, heat and cold are ____ endings.
Free nerve
The receptors for pressure and touch are ______ endings.
Encapsulated nerve
What lobe of the cerebrum are the sensory areas located?
What is the degree to which a sensation is felt? (characteristics of sensation)
What contains receptors that detect changes in the position of the head? (membranous sacs)
Utricle & Saccule
What contains the receptors that detect motion? (fluid-filled membranous)
Semicircular canals
What contains receptors that detect changes in the blood?
Aorta & Carotid arteries
What branches off the Aortic arch that takes blood through the neck on the way to the brain?
Carotid arteries
What detects changes in blood pressure?
What detects changes in the oxygen and carbon dioxide content and the pH, of the blood?
What occurs in the senses of hunger but not in the sense of thirst? (characteristics of senses)
What are the basic tastes?
Sweet, Sour, Salty and Bitter
What is comparsion of one sensation to another?
(characteristics of senses)
Hunger and thirst are called ___________ sensations.
(characteristics of senses)
______ occurs quickly with smell. (characteristics of sense)
_______ is chemorecptors, detect vaporized chemicals in the upper nasal cavities.
What is the purpose of sensations?
to detect changes in the external and internal environment. (homeostasis)