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Which of the following roles are responsible for assuring that third party suppliers and outsourced functions remain in security compliance?
Vendor managers
Who is responsible for assuring that systems are auditable and protected from excessive privileges?
Security administrators
Which of the following roles helps development teams with meeting security requirements?
Which of the following topics would not be part of a program in information security?
All of these would be part
A) laws and ethical practices
B) file access control
C) security architecture
The growing demand for InfoSec specialists is occurring predominantly in what types of organization?
A) government
B) corporations
C) not-for-profit foundations
The three objectives of information security are:
The formal study of information security has accelerated primarily for what reason?
increasingly interconnected global networks
Sound information security policy:
is a balance between the cost of protecting information and the value of the information being protected
What is meant by the umbrella of information security?
IS incorporates many different pursuits and disciplines.
Which college curriculum is more appropriate for a career in information security?
business administration and computer information sciences
Careers in information security are booming because of which factors?
A) threats of cyber terrorism
B) government regulations
C) growth of the Internet
Information security is primarily a discipline to manage the behavior of:
Which of the following would make an individual seeking a career in information security more marketable?
A) CISSP certification
B) GIAC certification
C) evaluating virus protection software on a home computer
A career in information security:
has a better job frowth outlook than other areas within IT.
A good definition of information security should include:
security policies and procedures