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How is soil different?
1)In color-black, brown, gray, red, yellow or white
2)Grain sizes
3)Different minerals
4)hold different amounts of water
What type of grains does sand have?
large grains with large spaces between the grains.
What type of grains does clay have?
Small grains with small spaces between the grains.
Why does the spaces between the grains make a difference in how the soil holds water?
If the spaces are large like in the sand the water drains out quickly. In clay the spaces are small so the water gets trapped there.
What is the soil called that is good for growing plants?
Topsoil-the top layer of soil. It has the most humus. It has the right mixture of minerals and humus.
What is loam?
One type of topsoil with lots of humus. It has a lot of water and air for plants.
Why does sand not have all the things plants need?
It is too dry and doesn't have enough nutrients.
Why does clay not have all the things plants need?
Dry clay is too hard and wet clay is too soggy.
What are fertilizers?
materials that are rich in the things that plants need for growth.
What do fertilizers do to help the farmers?
Make the soil better for plants to grow
How do we loose soil?
By tilling or by the wind
How does planting the same crop for several years hurt the soil?
It uses up all the minerals in the soil. Then it is too poor for growing more crops.
What is contour plowing?
Planting rows of crops around the sides of the hill instead of up and down. It keeps the water from running off in straight lines so the soil isn't washed away.
Is clear cutting good or bad?
What is a resource?
Material found in nature that living things use.
What are examples of resources?
Water, air, trees, soil and minerals
What is conservation?
Saving resources by using them carefully
What is strip cropping?
Plants strips of thick grass or clover between strips of crops to help keep the water in the soil and to keep the soil from washing away.