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What is a Force?
push or a pull in a certain direction
a __________ or a_________ in a certain direction
What is Net Force?
Overall force when 2 or more combined.
car 500N --><-- Bike 200N
What is Friction and the 4 kinds of friction?
friction is a contact force that slows or stops motion, it depends on the force and the type of surface.

4 kinds:
slows or stops________________________
Describe Sliding Friction and give an example
When 2 flat objects contact it creates sliding. Ice skates on ice rink

Describe Rolling friction and give an example.
when a circular, or cylandrical object contacts with a flat sureface it rolls. A Car on the street.


Describe static friction and give and example.
An object that does not move unless acted on by a force. Poster on a wall.
Spoon sitting on a table.
What is mass and Weight? How are they differant.
Mass is the amount of matter, and weight is force of gravity on an objects mass. They are differant because Mass is how big the object is and weight is how heavy the object is.
5 small washers. that are each 2 pounds.
What is a newton?
unit for measureing weight.
500 N(newtons)--><--200N(newtons)
What is momentum? And how do you find Momentum
How much motion there is.
M(mass) x V(velocity) = momentum
M x V
What is motion?
movement from place to place .
you were at the book shelf now you are at the desk.
What are Newtons 3 laws of motion?
Inertia, Acceleration, Action/ Reaction
table and dishes. 2 small waaher. pop gun.
What is the first law and describe it.
inertia, objects dont change in motion unless a force acts upon the object.
the car crash with Bananas and the car.
What is the second law and describe it.
acceleration, depends on how much force and mass.
washers and elbows.
What is the third law and describe it.
Action Reaction, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
the Newtons Cradle
What is Centripetal force and describe it.
keeps things going in a circular motion.
vortex game.