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When is an object in motion?
When its distance from a reference point is changing
What is a reference point?
a place/object used to determine if something is in motion
How can you tell if an object is in motion?
When its postion changes relative to a reference point
What does SI stand for?
International System of Units
What is the SI basic unit of length?
How would you find the average speed?
Divide total distance by total time
What is velocity?
Speed in a given direction
What is a slope?
The steepness of a line on a graph
Earth's rocky outer shell is in..
several pieces.
What are plates?
The upper layer of Earth that consists of more than a dozen pieces
What is the theory of plate tectonics?
Earth's plates move ever so slowly in various directions
What do Earth's plates do?
-Push toward each other
-Slide past each other
-Pull away from each other
By knowing the average speed of a plate, what can scientists estimate about Earth's continents?
They can estimate of how the continents moved in the past, present, and in the future.
What is acceleration?
The rate at which velocity changes
Acceleration involves a chang ein what two components?
Speed & direction
What is another word for negative acceleration?
When does an object experience accerlation?
Any time th espeed of an object increases
Can an object be accelerating even if the speed is constant? Why?
Yes, because the object is changing direction
What must you calculate to determine the acceleration of an object?
Calculate the change in velocity during each unit of time
What is a linear relationship on a speed graph? What does it mean?
The line is straight; acceleration is constant
What is a nonlinear relationship? What does it mean?
The line is curved; acceleration varies over time