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When Making A Solar Oven out of a box's,why are the flaps covered with aluminum foil?
The Box flaps are covered with aluminum foil because they bounce sunlight into the box
What kind of a lid should you put on a solar oven made out of a box.
The lid should be plastic or glass to hold heat in.
What color should the inside of a solar oven be?
Black paint to obsorb the sun's light.
What temperature is needed to kill bacteria?
Temperatures above 75 degrees celcius.
How long does it take the sun to send to the earth the same amount of the energy that all the world's ppl use in one year.
every 40 minutes
What are three problems that must be solved before depending on solar energy for most of our energy?
Cash,Solar cells producing not enough energy,the amount of energy they need to be made
Energy moving in waves through space is called ____ ____
Electromagnetic radiation
In Waves the top of the wave is called the ___ and the bottom is called the ____
Crest Trough
In What direction do waves vibrate after they have past through the polarizing lens?
Up ^ and Down
Which are longer X-Rays or Infared Waves ?
Shorter wavelengths have ___ enregy than longer wavelentghes.
What are the diferent colors in white light?
Red orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
Why is air more dense near the ground?
Gravity pulls gas particles in the air towards the ground
How does the earths atmosphere affect shorter waveletghs?
Block shorter wavelentghs
Which wavelentghs cause your skin to become sunburned.
UV Waves
Why do most UV wavelentghs never touch the ground
Because of the ozone layer
Each ozone molecule contains _____ oxegon molecules.
What do gases containing CFCs harm?
Ozone Layer
What are scientists and government leaders around the world working to do about CFCs
banning them
Which wavelentghs are the only ones you can see?
How long does solar energy take to reach the earth
8 minutes
Solar cells charge solar energy directly into __-_
Who were the first people to use glass for homes
The Shortest Waveletgh is
What harms when it is near the ground?
What Traps waves on the ground?
Greenhouse gases.
Energy moves in _____ trught space
Visible light,X rays, Radio,Uv,are exes of __ ___
Electromagnetic Radiation
The distance from one point of a point on a wave to the same piont on the next wave is called the ___
Solar Energy Is converted into electrical energy in ____
solar cells
Te greenhouse effect s cause the earth to become
one cause of the greenhouse affect is the ___ of ___ and oil
burning coal