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If you need a translucent surface you would choose
frosted glass
When an herbivore eats a plant, some of the energy in the plant is
passed on to the herbivore in the form of heat energy
microwaves may be used for
satellite communications
ultraviolet light may be used to
kill germs
infrared radiation may be used to
keep food warm in a restaurant
light recieved by the solor cell of a calculator is changed to; this is an example of
electrical energy when the calculator is used; the law of conservation of energy
infrared waves from the sun cannot be; when an object obsorbs infrared light, the
seen; temperature of the object will increase
light shares properties of
waves and particles
an incandescent bulb gets hotter than the fluorescent tube because
the incandescent bulb is less efficent
an object in water appears in a different location than it actually is because
the light waves are bent when passing from the air into the water
when a light ray hits a surface and is refelcted
the path of the reflected ray is reflected at an angle equal to the angle of incidence
changing the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave would redult in
a change in the color of light observed
the amplitude of a wave indicates the
amount of enrgy the wave carries
the rate of change of displacement( ) is
(speed and direction) is velocity
A ball is thrown horizontally. Assuming that gravity did not affect the path of the ball, it would continue to travel
A person jumping from an airplane will ____ toward the ground. When the force of gravity becomes ____ to the _____, the person will achieve _____.
accelerate; equal, air resistance, terminal velocity
When any object falls, the force of _____ will eventually balance the force of ____, so that it will fall at a _____.
air resistance, gravity, constant rate
Seat belts, air bages, and infant car seats are designed to protect people from the hazards of ______ and ______.
acceleration and inertia
A soccer ball is kicked across a field to another team memeber. According to Newton's First Law of Motion, it will continue to _____________ unless the recieving player applies a force to change its direction.
move in a straight line
A ________ will accerlerate an object in the direction of the ________
net force; net force
plants convert _______ energy into _______ energy during the process of _________
electromagnetic, chemical, photosynthesis
Flowers contain the plants' reproductive organs called the _____ and the _____
staman and pistil