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The sunspot cycle is about how many years?
A violent eruption on the sun's surface that throws solar wind particles out into space is ......
Solar flare
The rapidly rotating core of a supernova is called a .....
What is a very large group of stars, dust, and gas called?
What is the color of the hottest stars?
What is the fuel of a star during most of its life?
What happens during fusion in a star?
helium is made from hydrogen
This is the end result of the collapse of a star's core; no energy escapes
Black Hole
Thermonuclear fusion happens in what part of the sun?
What causes the Northern Lights?
solar radiation entering the Earth's atmosphere
On the H-R diagram, what do you call the band of stars that are plotted diagonally from the upper left to the lower right?
Main sequence stars
What force holds the galaxy together?
What do you call an exploding star?
When a star is moving away from you, its spectrum will shift to what color?
What protects us from ultraviolet energy?
As our star dies, it will become a .....
Red giant
Our solar system is in what galaxy?
Milky Way
Who classified the galaxies?
When hydrogen fuses into helium _______ is lost from the atom?
What unit do we use to measure distances in deep space?
Light years
What measures the movement of an object in space using the spectra of light?
Doppler Effect
What is made from hydrogen during fusion?
What instrument is used to study the star's elements?
Label the parts of the sun

Core photosphere sunspot
prominence chromosphere
A. photosphere
B. Chromosphere
C. Prominences
D. Sunspot
E. Core
Which group of stars is brighter than their temperature would indicate?
White Dwarfs
The outer layer of the sun's atmosphere which is seen only during an eclipse is the ....
How can scientists figure out what materials are in a star?
study the spectrum
What do you call the cooler, darker area on the sun's surface?
The amount of light that the star really produces is called....
Actual brightness
The Milky Way might be what kind of galaxy?
Barred spiral
What can solar flares affect on earth?
Radio/TV reception
The apparent brightness of a star is related to its .....
distance from us and temperature
How is a star formed?
As a result of the effect of gravity on particles in the nebula