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abase (v)
to lower in position
abdicate (v)
to resign, to leave a position
admonition (n)
gentle criticizement
adverse (adj)
advocate (n)or (v)
someone who pleads a case
to plead a case for someone
affable (adj)
affect (v)
to act upon
affectation (n)
the act of making a shpw of yourself
affirmative (adj)
answering yes
affluence (n)
large supply or riches
affront (n) or (v)
an insult
to insult
agglomerate (v)
to combine
agile (adj)
agitate (v)
to shake, to mix up
ailment (n)
a sickness
acquiesce (v)
to comply or submit
acute (adj)
strong, sharp
alienate (v)
to cause to turn away
allay (v)
to redcue the instensity or violence of something
allusion (n)
a reference to something or someone
ameliorate (v)
to make better, to improve
amicable (adj)
in a friendly way
appease (v)
to calm the anger of someone
apathy (n)
avow (v)
to declare openly
awry (adj)
out of position
to increase in quantity or quality
audacious (adj)
fearless (bold)
aspire (v)
to hold a strong desire
atrocious (adj)
outrageoulsy bad or cruel
assiduous (adj)
atone (v)
to make up for
aroma (n)
a smell
allot (v)
to divide among
affix (v)
to attach