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Grilled Chicken Salad
A skinless chicken breast seasoned in lemon pepper, charbroiled, sliced on a bed of fresh greens, tom, honey roasted pecans, green peppers, cucumbers, and mixed cheeses. Choice of dressing. Served with Honey buttered Croissant.
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad
A skinless chicken breast seasoned in lemon pepper, charbroiled, sliced on a bed of romaine lettuce with tangy Caesar dressing, Parm chz, penne pasta, and croutons. Hon But Croi.
Chicken Tender Salad
Crisp chicken tender chunks on fresh salad greens with shredded chz, tom, cucumbers. HBC. Choice of dressing.
Hawaiian Chicken Salad
Marinated Chicken Breast, charbroiled, and sliced on a bed of Salad Mix topped with pico, pineapple tidpits, and tort strips. Served with HL.
Ultimate Lunch Combo
(2-3) Choice of either 2 or 3 items: A bowl of soup, house/caesar salad, baked potato, or half club.
Vegetable Plate
A choice of house/caesar, or bowl of soup to start. Then choice of four vegetables.
Soups of the Day
Baked Pot. (topped with cheddar cheese and bacon) Chk Tort ( topped with Tort strips and cheddar chz.)
Oriental Chicken Salad
A skinless marinated chicken breast charbroiled and sliced on a bed of fresh greens, crunchy cabbage, mandarin oranges and crispy noodles. Topped with 3 blackened shrimp and tossed in SG dressing.