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apical meristem
group of undifferentiated cells that divide by mitosis to produce increased length of stems and roots
type of ground tissue cell with a strong and flexible cell wall that helps support larger plants
companion cell
phloem cell that surrounds sieve tube elements
a think, waxy layer on exposed outer surfacesof cells that protects against water loss and injury
epidermal cell
cell that makes up the dermal tissue, which is the outer covering of a plant
meristematic tissue
plant tissue found in the tips and shoots of roots that is responsible for plant growth (mitosis)
type of ground cell with thin cell walls and large vaculoes where most photosynthesis occurs
type of ground issue cell with a thick rigid cell wall that makes tissue tough and strong
sieve tube element
phloem cell that is joined end-to-end to similar cells to form a continuous tube
tiny cellular projection on surfaces of some leaves that helps protect the leaf and gives a fuzzy appearence
vessel element
a xylem cell that forms part of a continuous tube through which water can move
Casparian strip
waterproof strip that surrounds endodermis cells
spongy layer of ground tissue just inside the epidermis of the root
layer of cells that encloses vascular tissue
fibrous root
part of a root system in which roots branch to such an extent that no single root grows larger than the rest
root cap
tough structure that protects the root as it forces its way through the soil
root hair
tiny projection from the outer surface of a root
primary root found in some plants that grow longer and thicker than other roots
vascular cylinder
cenral region of a root that includes the vascular tisse-xylem and phloem