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animal, animals
animal, animale n.
article, articles
articol, articole n.
apartment, apartments
apartament, apartamente n.
notebook, notebooks
caiet, caiete n.
dormitory, dormitories
cămin, cămine n.
song, songs
cântec, cântece n.
concert, concerts
concert, concerte n.
town, towns
oraş, oraşe n.
piano, pianos
pian, piane n.
danger, dangers
pericol, pericole n.
kingdom, kingdoms
regat, regate n.
restaurant, restaurants
restaurant, restaurante n.
hospital, hospitals
spital, spitale n.
vehicle, vehicles
vehicul, vehicule n.
cello, cellos
violoncel, violoncele n.
noise, noises
zgomot, zgomote n.
newspaper, newspaper
ziar, ziare n.
fruit, fruits
fruct, fructe n.
government, governments
guvern, guverne n.