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attitude, attitudes
atitudine, atitudini f.
beer, beers
bere, beri f.
request, requests
cerere, cereri f.
key, keys
cheie, chei f.
building, buildings
clădire, clădiri f.
woman, women
femeie, femei f.
idea, ideas
idee, idei f.
lemon, lemons
lămâie, lămâi f.
law, laws
lege, legi f.
world, worlds
lume, lumi f.
sea, seas
mare, mari f.
ball, balls
minge, mingi f.
inheritance, inheritances
moştenire, moşteniri f.
nation, nations
naţiune, naţiuni f.
bread, breads
pâine, pâini f.
party, parties
petrecere, petreceri f.
promise, promises
promisiune, promisuini f.
power, powers
putere, puteri f.
ear, ears
ureche, urechi f.
postcard, postcards
vedere, vederi f.
fox, foxes
vulpe, vulpi f.