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What color codes are used for the instrument markings in the R22? What do they mean?
Red: Indicates operating limits. Pointer should not enter red during normal operation.
Yellow: Precautionary or special operating procedure range.
Green: Normal operating range
What is the Vne up to 3000' density altitude?
102 KIAS
What is the Vne above 3000 Density Altitude?
See Never Exceed Speed chart
What is the minimum power on Main Rotor RPM limit?
What is the minimum power on Main Rotor RPM limit (O-360)?
What is the minimum power off Main Rotor RPM limit?
What is the maximum power off Main Rotor RPM limit?
The engine maximum speed for the R22 is...
2652 RPM (104%)
Cylinder Head Max. Temperature is...
500 degrees
Maximum oil temperature is...
245 Degrees
What is the maximum oil pressure during start and warm up?
115 psi
What is the minimum oil pressure doing flight?
55 psi
What is the minimum oil pressure during idle?
25 psi
What is the maximum oil pressure during flight?
95 psi
Minimum oil quantity for take off...
4 qts
What is the maximum gross weight of the R22 Beta II?
1370 lbs
What is the minimum gross weight for the R22? Why?
920 lbs to provide enough weight to conduct an autorotation.
The maximum weight (including baggage) for each seat in the R22 is?
240 lbs
Minimum solo pilot weight with doors installed and standard fuel? With Aux fuel?
130 / 135 with Aux fuel
When is flight with the governor off permitted?
1) Inflight malfunction, or
2) emergency procedures training
What is the maximum operating density altitude for the R22?
What is required to be operational before each flight?
OAT gauge,
Low rotor RPM warning system
Which seat may a pilot solo from?
Right seat only
The left seat belt must always be...
What is the minimum crew for the R22?
One pilot
Is doors off operation approved?
Yes with one or both doors.
A pilot should ALWAYS avoid abrupt controls inputs for what reason?
They produce high fatigue stresses and could lead to a premature and catastrophic failure of a critical component.
Night VFR flight is permitted if what conditions are met?
Landing, navigation and anti-collision lights are operation and visual reference to ground objects is illuminated solely by lights on the ground or adequate celestial illumination
What types of fuel are approved for the R22?
91 / 96,
100LL, or;
100 / 130
What is the capacity of the main tank? Usable capacity?
19.8 gallons total
19.2 gallons usable
What is the total capacity of the aux tank? Usable capacity?
10.9 Gallons total
10.5 Gallons usable
On the airspeed indicator, where is the green arc?
50-102 KIAS
Where is the red line on the airspeed indicator?
102 KIAS
Where is the upper red line on the rotor tachometer?
Where is the lower yellow arc on the rotor tachometer? Why?
Sympathetic resonance is likely in this range.
On the rotor tachometer, where is the upper yellow arc?
For an O-306 engine, where is the green arc on the rotor tachometer?
For an R22 with the O-360 engine, where is the middle yellow arc?
On the rotor tachometer, where is the lower red line?
The upper red arc on the engine tachometer is located at what percent power?
The green arc on the engine tachometer for the O-360 engine is where?
Between 101-104%
The lower yellow arc on the engine tachometer is between what percent power?
Where is the lower red arc located on the engine tachometer for an O-360 engine?
Where is the red line on the Manifold Pressure gauge on the O-360 engine?
24.1' Hg
Where is the yellow arc on the Man. Pressure gauge for the O-360 engine?
19.6'-24.1' Hg
On the Carburetor Air Temperature gauge, where is the yellow arc?
-15 - 5 degrees C
If the pilot has not logged 200 hours in a helicopter, 50 of which in an R22, and has not completed the SFAR training, what limitations does s/he have?
1) Flight when surface winds exceed 25 kts, including gusts, is prohibited.
2) Flight when surface wind gust spreads exceed 15 kts is prohibited.
3) Continued flight into moderate, severe, or extreme turbulence is prohibited
Define moderate turbulence.
1) Changes in altitude or attitude
2) Variations in indicated airspeed
3) Aircraft occupants feel definite strains against seat belt.