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How did the colonists and Parliament disagree about how they should be governed?
Parliament believed it had legal authority in the colonies, while the colonists believed their local assemblies had legal authority. Parliament believed it had the right to tax the colonies, while The4e colonists believed they should not be taxed since they had no representation in Parliament.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independance?
Thomas Jefferson
What is the main idea of the Declaration of Independence?
It states that authority to govern belongs to the people rather than to kings and that all people are created equal and have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
How id Virginians help in teh Revolutionary War end?
Virginia patriots served in the Continental Army and fought against the English.
How did the Revolutionary War end?
The English surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia.
Did all Virginians fight for the Patriots?
Some Virginians were neutral and did not take sides. Other Virginians remained loyal to England.
How did the African-Americans feel about the Revolutionary War?
African Americans from Virginia were divided about the war. Some slaves fought for the English because they were promised freedom.
Who was James Armistead LaFayette?
He was a slave from Virginia, who served in the Continental Army and was given his freedom after the war.
What was women's role during the Revolutionary War?
During the war, women took on more responsibility.