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What is the defenition of diplomat?
A person sent by his or her goverment to talk with other goverments.
What is the definition of negotiate?
to talk to someone in order to reach an agreement; to bargain.
In addition to stating the independence to the United States, what else did the Treaty of Paris do for the new nation?
It set new bounderies for the new nation.The Treaty gave the new nation more land.
Define Mercenary.
A soldier who fights in a foreign army just to earn money.
Define Revolution.
The overthrow of a goverment.
Define strategy.
A plan of action for fighting a war.
Why did some colinists decide to remain loyal to the British?
They didn't want to fight with the British because of the unknown consequences. They didn't know what Britain might do to them.
Why did some African Americans decide to become Patriot soldiers?
The patriots promised The African Americans the same wages as white soldiers and freedom.
Why did most Native Americans decide to fight for the British?
The British supplied them with trade goods and the Patriots invaded their land.
What were the strenghts of the British army?
Professional army and navy, wealthy, Native Americans supported the British.
What were the strenghts of the Continental Army?
Fighting on home ground, enthusiastic for revolution.
What was the goal of the British army?
To put down, overcome rebellion early before France and Spain join in.
What was the goal of the continental Army?
To save strength for long war, fighting only when necessary.
What are the factors leading to a Patriot Victory?
France sends soldiers and aid, Troops from North and French navy trap Cornwallis,Spain offers the Patriots money, British move the war South: Loyalists don't join British, European leaders volunteer their help to the Partriots.
Define interventon.
When one counry involves itself with events inside another.
Define neutral.
Not supporting either side in a war.
Why might the Southern Loyalists be afraid of their Patriot neighbors.
They were the people that surrounded the Loyalists. The people that they got food from and money so if the Loyalists
would join the British the Patriots might react to them as enemies and not employ them for work and raise prices on foods.
Where did Cornwallis and his troops surrender?
Cornwallis and his troops surrendered in Yorktown, Virginia on October 19,1781
How did the Revolution change North American boundaries?
United States became an independent country, United States borders changed to include west to Mississippi River, north to Canada, south to Florida, Britain lost all lands except Canada.
How did the Revolution change the lives of Americans?
Loyalists fled the United States, many Patriots died or lost family members in war,Native Americans lost land, slavery questioned and challanged, African Americans began church movement.