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what type of cells line the oral cavity?
stratified squamous epithelium
what type of cells line the nasopharynx?
Pseduostratified ciliated columnar epithelium
what type of cells line the laryngopharynx?
nonciliated stratified squamous epithelium
What is another term for adenoids?
pharyngeal tonsils
Name the 3 parts of the pharynx.
nasopharynx, orthopharynx and laryngopharynx
In which portion of the pharynx is the opening to the eustachian tubes?
How many cartilages are in the larynx?
What is the medical term for Adam's Apple?
laryngeal prominence
What is the only complete ring of cartilage around the trachea?
Cricoid. All others are 'C' shaped.
Which cartilage sits just inferior to the thyroid cartilage?
What is aspiration?
the entry of or foreign material into the lungs.
Which nerve controls the vocal cords?
vagus nerve
What are the vestibular folds?
False vocal cords.
Which are anatomically superior, the true or the false vocal cords?
The space between the vocal cords is called what?
What is the narrowest part of the adult larynx?
What is the narrowest part of the infant larynx?
cricoid cartilage
What is the medical term for the voicebox?
How many generations are in an average lung?
How much sercretions are produced by the submucosal glands each day?
about 100ml
What is the Mucociliary escalator?
The coordinated action of cilia which moves mucus up and out of the lungs.
How many rings of cartilage are in the trachea?
16 to 20
What anatomical features control the pitch of a person's voice?
Lenght and tension of vocal cords.
Which bronchus is wider in diameter?
Which bronchus is longer?
What are the angles of the left and right bronchus to the trachea?
Left is at 40 or 60 degress
right is at 25 degrees
What are the angles of a new borns left and right bronchus?
Both are at 55 degrees angles
Type one cells make up what percentage of alveolar surface?
Which cell type is the primary source of pulmonary surfactant? (I, II, or III)
What does Pulmonary surfactant do?
It reduces surface tension in alveoli
What are pores of Kohn?
Microscopic openings between adjacent alveoli.