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concerned with the relationship among variables
the logical criticism of propositions
scholarly research
help in advances in diagnostic and treatment protocols for a particular disorder
basic research
scientific inquiry/ curiosity
applied research
need to know basic knowledge before studying more specific topic
descriptive research
naturalistic observation
experimental research
examines causation through observation of the effects of the manipulation of certain variables on other variables under controlled conditions
indipendant variables
what the experimenterr manipulates
dependent variables
result according to the manipulation
active variables
variable that you can manipulate
attribute variables
something that exists
continuous variables
value can change over a continuum
categorical variables
it is or it isn't ( similar to attributes)
bivalent experiements
looking at two values of independent variables ( a continuous variable)
multi-valent experiments
looking at more then values of independent variables (effect of complete darkness , dawn vs midnight)
cross sectional
look at differnt participants
best way to look al long periods of time, has some draw backs
semi longitudinal
taking the time in segments
what do correlational studies look at?
the relationships
what can a survey of research look at
can provife a detailed inspection to a large population
retrospective research
re looks at some old data ** careful old data might not be reliable***
what does a between subject research design look at
looks at the proformance measured and comparison can be made
within subjkects
performance of same subjects
what can affect the quality of measurements of a expoeriement
testing environment, instrument calibration, instructions to participants. observer bias
what can effect the reliability of measurments in an experiement
definititions, stability, equivalence, internal consistency
what is the definition of a variable
they are measurable quantities that cary or change under different circumstances rather than remain constant.
what are some independent variables in descriptive research
normal vs language delayeds
hair color
eye color
things that the researcher can NOT manipulate
what is the abscissa
the x axis the (horizontal)
what is the ordinate
the y axis the (vertical)