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decreased sperm production, may result in infertility, may result from infection malnutrution, high temps in testes, may be temporary
undescended testes, observed by palpation of scrotum, may be due to hormonal imbalances or physical deficienceis, may cayse sterility, testosterone injections or surgery required
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
enlargement of the prostrate gland, squeezes urethra, may prevent urination, common in older men.
failure to achieve an erection, may be caused by stress or drugs and alcohol
Inguinal Hernia
intestines push thru abdominal wall separating abdominopelvic cavity from the scrotum, GI tract may become obstructed
painful menstuaration, cramps, headache, backache, anorexia, may result from increased concentrations of hormones, treat with ibuprofen and/or heat
absence of normal menstruation, can be primary or secondary
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
collection of symptoms that occur during premenstrual phase of cycle, irritablility, fatigue, bloating, depression
Fibromyomas (fibroids)
benign tumor of the smooth muscle in the uterus, often small and produce no symptoms
ovarian cysts
benign enlargemnets on ovaries, fluid filled sac that develops from a follicle that fails to rupture completely, often disappear
Breast cancer
1in 10women treatment can include lumpectomy or mastctomy
ovarian cancer
1 in 70 women, difficult to detect, risk factors are age, infertilit, childlessness, miscarriages
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
also called venereal diseases, caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, transmitted by sexual contact
Genital Herpes
spread by herpes simplex virus, 1-5 people infected, begins as red rash, develop into blisters, rupture and scab, fever, headache, muschle ache, painful urination, symptoms come and go, no cure, can spread even if you have no symptoms, can pass to infant duriong childbirth
1-main cause of genital herpes
2-main cause of oral herpes
spread through contanct with genitals, can be passed during childbirth, painful urination, discharge from penis/vagina, can cause infertility (if leeft untreated), cured with antibiotics
spread through contact with syphiis sores, 3stages, cured with antibiotics
stages of syphilis
primary stage: begins with chancre sore Secondary stage: progresses to a red rash on hands and feet Late stage: may damage all internal organs and cause death
Genital Warts
spread by human papillomavirus soft, fleshcolored bumps, internal or external, usually on tip of penis for men, get rid of warts, but not the virus, Gardasil vaccine
sumptoms usually mild or absent, may have discharge, painful urination, affects cervix, bladder, and flalopian tubes in women and can cause infertility, complications among men are rare, easily treated and cured w/ antibiotics
spread by human immunodeficiency virus(HIV), transmitted by direct contact of body fluids, HIV produces Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), damages lymphocytes resulting in immune system impairment, death results from secondary infections