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Eggs travel through the ____
to reach the ______
Fallopian tubes
sperm is stored in a tube called the _____ before leaving the testes
when does the uterus lining begin to build up again in preperation for ovulation?
immediately after menstruation
a type of reproduction that produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent is called _______
asexual reproduction
the organ where a baby grows and develops is called the ______
a type of reproduction when an organisum breaks into two or more parts and each part grows into a seperate individual is called ____
males produce sperm in their _______
either seminiferous tubules or testes
when an eggs nucleus joins with a sperms nucleus a new kind of cell called a _____ is formed
mammals that give birth to live young that are only partially developed are called ______
females produce eggs in their )________
list three features aof marsupials that help their young develop after birth
pouches, x-tra bones, and extending nipples
list three major developments of an embryo during the 3rd and 4th week of pregnancy
major organ systems begin to form, heart starts to beat, placenta is fully formed
the tightly coiled tubes inside the testis where sperm are produced are called ______
seminifrous tubules
Urine and semen both leave a male's body through a tube that runs through the penis called the_______
an egg is ejected through the wall of the ovary during_____
list three reasons for infertility
low sperm count, not ovulating normally, or STD's (sexually transmitted disease
the ______ contains a net work of blood vessals that provides the embrio with oxygen and nutrients from the mothers blood
the female reproductive system produces sex cells called ______
the ______ connects the embryo to the placenta
umbilical cord
when a small part of a parents body developes into an independent organism it is called _______
at 8 weeks old, an embryo is developed enough to be called a _______
the male reproductive system produces sex cells called _____
the head of a fetus is often squashed during delivery. Why?
because the plates in the skull are not fused together so they can temporarily move. the pelvis is very small so they can get through