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what is dysmenorrhea?
painful menses.
symptoms of mysmenorrhea include
pain, bloating, distention, headach , nausea, vomiting, constipation
when does primary dysmenorrhea occure?
after ovulation
how does primary dysmenorrhea occure?
smooth muscle to contract in uterus. Causes muscle spasm and pain
primary dysmenorrhea is believed to be caused by what?
increased prduction and release of uterine prostaglandins.
intervention of primary dysmenorrhea include what?
prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors, nsaids, ibuprofen motrin.
What do you use with dysmenorrhea when contraception is not an issue and when it is an issue?
when it isnt, psi
when it is oral contraceptives is the treatment of choice.
to alleviate pain with dysmenorrhea try these
acupressure, aerobic exercise, swimming yoga meditation relaxation techniques
to prevent pain with dysmenorrhea take these suppliments
vit b6 calcium, magnesium, and protein and reduce sodium.
in what phase does pms occure?
luteal phase
what age group is pms more prevelant in?
what drug decreases breast tenderness and swelling?
the most important intervention with pms is?
education of her body.
when managing pms, if hypoglycemia occurs what should the nurse instruct the woman to do?
eat six small meals
limit sugar, red meat, alcohol, tee coffe chocolate
eliminate caffine
drug therapy with pms is controversial , but some treatments have been effective such as what?
Potassium sparing diuretics
If pt is on a potassium sparing diuretic what may the woman need to do ?
intake of potassium containing foods
Some drugs that are used for pms include
paradol, birthcontrol pills, antidepressants, prostaglandin inhibitors, and NSAIDS
the absence of menstrual periods is called what?
amenorrhea can be happen because 2 different things what are they?
absence of menstration by age 16
started but stoped and not recurred for 3 months
amenorrheas that has not occured by age 16 (primary)is often due to what?
reproductive tract anomalies, and fertality is usually poor.
secondary amenorrhea is probably due to what?
a functional disorder and the prognosis of fertility is better
with amenorrhea, the nurse assesses what?
the menstrual history,
obstetric history and
possible sexual activity and pregnancy
amenorrhea can be related to this type of eating habits?
obesity and starvation
what is galactorrhea?
watery or milky breast secretions in nonbreastfeeding woman
Treatment for amenorrhea is?
hormone replacement, ovulation stimulation, and periodic progesterone withdrawl
what is menorrhagia?
excessive bleeding
what is metorrhagia?
bleeding between.
what is the effect of increased FSH?
pituitary gland to stimulate ovaries to produce estrogen.
what are vasomotor symptoms?
hot flashes, night sweats, palpitations, dizziness
the 3 most common causes for postmenopausal bleeding are?
atrophi vaginitis, cervical polyps, and endometrial hyperplasia
with atropic vaginitis you would have what?
dry and thin vaginal mucosa
the most serious cause of postmenopausal bleeding is what?
endometrial hyperplasia
bleeding with endometrial hyperplasia is caused by what?
ovarian function declines and leads to prolonged estrogen stimulation, producint the hyperplasia that eventually breaks down and bleeds.
the nurse must identify woman who are at risk for endometrial cancer such as woman that are?
obese, hypertensive, diabetic or nullpara
medical treatment for a woman receiving unopposed estrogen therapy may include the monthly administration of what?
progesterone daily for last then days of the estroge therapy
atrophic vaginitis is managed by what?
estrogen via the vaginal, oral, transdermal or subdermal route.
with estrogen replacement therapy pts should take what procautions?
use sunscreen if you are in the sun for a prolonged period

call dr if you have pain in your calves or groin or have a shortness in breath
a benign disease characterized by implantation of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity.
endometriosis occurs most often in woman in what age group?
what are two risks for getting endometriosis?
nullpara, mother had it.
what is the most common symptom of endometriosis?
pt has pain right before menstral flow and it is located in the lower abdomen, causeing a sense of rectal pressure what do you think it may be?
what is dyspareunia
painful sexual intercourse
number one nursing intervention for a pt with endometriosis is?
reducing pain
some alternative therapies for endometriosis are>?
heating pad to abd or sacrum, relaxation techniques, yoga and biofeedback.