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chinese literature (confuciunism)
lao-tzu, chuang-tzu, tao te ching
pentateuch (first five books of the bible), the talmud, the mishnah
vedas. aranykas and upishands added later. upishand-philosophical material
the most important and distinctive of all jewish holidays. begins on friday sundown until sundown saturday
shabbat (sabbath
important festival is this celebration. commemorates the deliverance of israelites from slavery to egypt
pesach (passover) ritual meal served called seder
fifty days after pesach. this holidai is called the pentecost in NT. the foods associated with the exodus event- when moses received the ten commandments on mt sinai.
shavuot (feast of weeks)
celebrates first days of creation. celebrated by special prayers adn by eating sweets. the season begins a period of pentinence that culminates in the next holiday, the day of atonemen(yom kippur)
rosh hashanah (new year)
the holiest of all jewish holidays. it is celebrated on the 10th of tishre and at the end of the period of peitence begun rosh hashanah. the day is tradionally observed by abstinece from work, food and drink. day spent in synogogue. also occassion for charity
yom kipper (the day of atonement)
celebrated five days after yom kipper, this is a celebration of autumn harvest. became attached to the exodus experience and is now kept as a rememberance of the times when the israelites wandered in the sinai wilderness and lived in makeshift tabernacles. for either reason, the festival is a joyous one
sukkot (feast of tabernacles)
not associated with the exodus. jews light a candle each day for 8 days. it is thus a festival of lights as a festival of dedication. has become increasingly important for jews in th US because of its proximity to christmas
chanukah (the feast of dedication)
another festival not associated with the exodus as a rememberance of jewish victory over gentile foes.has to do with esther. also because lots were cast to determine the day when the jews were to be destroyed, it gives it the name.
purim (feast of lots)
the son of commandment
bar mitzvah