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The Covenant in the Hebrew Scriptures is:
a. the bond between God and the Israelites
b. the bond between Jesus and all humankind
c. an agreement made by God and Adam after the Fall
d. something that the Israelites always kept faithfully
Which of the following stories is not included in the Book of Genesis?
a. Adam and Eve
b. Noah and the flood
c. Israel's liberation from slavery
d. the call of Abraham
Social outcasts in the first century CE included
a. Sadducees
b. Samaritans
c. lepers
d. both b and c
In Jewish society around the time of Jesus, the rights of men and those of women
a. were exactly the same
b. favored men
c. favored women
d. were better balanced than they are today
God's Covenant with the Jews is
a. an agreement that God will cancel if the Jews do no hold up their part of the bargain
b. God's promise that most Jews will have happy marriages
c. a pledge of faithfulness forever
d. none of the above
Judaism began nearly
a. six thousand years ago
b. four thousand years ago
c. three thousand years ago
d. two thousand years ago
From Abraham's time on, Jews showed their commitment to the Covenant by
a. visiting the Temple every day
b. circumcising male children
c. sacrificing at least three times a day
d. both a and c
Which religion traces its origins back to Abraham?
a. Judaism
b. Christianity
c. Islam
d. all of the above
The descendants of Jacob became known as the
a. Israelites
b. Jacobians
c. Nomads
d. Patriarchs
God's name was revealed to Moses as
a. Jesus
b. Yahweh
c. Allah
d. The Great One
b (aka YHWH)
The Exodus and the events leading up to it are remembered every year in the Jewish feast of
a. Passover
b. Purim
c. Yom Kippur
d. Hanukkah
Today the Promised Land (Canaan) is identified as
a. Palestine
b. Israel
c. The Holy Land
d. all of the above
Who led the Israelites into Canaan?
a. Joseph
b. Moses
c. Joshua
d. Abraham
The story of David shows us that
a. God prefers leaders who are strong and rarely sin
b. the first shall be last
c. God can act through persons who have great weaknesses and flaws
d. might makes right
The Creation stories
a. are considered to be historically accurate
b. show us that God's creation is good and that humans were created in God's image
c. tell us that all creation is dependent on God
d. both b and c
Naomi knows the death of
a. the land
b. her family name
c. both a and b
d. her daughter
The word messiah means
a. suffering servant
b. God saves
c. anointed one
d. sir
The account of God's giving the Ten Commandments to Moses can be found in the Book of
a. Exodus
b. Genesis
c. Numbers
d. Isaiah
My name means "servant"
a. Boaz
b. Orpah
c. Obed
d. Ruth
My name means "to waste away"
a. Mahlon
b. Elimelech
c. Chilion
d. Naomi
The first words out of my mouth in the Ruth story are "The Lord be with you"
a. Mahlon
b. Boaz
c. Naomi
d. Elimelech
Ruth is read in synagogues on the Jewish feast of
a. Passover
b. Purim
c. Shavuot
d. Yom Kippur
Bethlehem means
a. return or go back
b. The Lord is my King
c. House of Bread
d. Torah
Which of the following is one of the plagues of Naomi?
a. locusts
b. famine
c. frogs
d. water turning to mud
How many plagues did Naomi have in her life?
a. nine
b. six
c. ten
d. seven
When Boaz spreads his cloak over Ruth, it is a sign of
a. marriage
b. forgiveness
c. friendship
d. concern
Gleaning means to
a. be allowed to gather food leftover from the harvest
b. get food from the threshing floor
c. be given money to buy food
d. pray for God's help
I did as my mother-in-law asked and returned to my mother's house
a. Naomi
b. Orpah
c. Ruth
d. Leah
I had a stronger claim to Ruth than Boaz
a. Chilion
b. "Next of Kin"
c. Moab
d. Jesse
I was the father of Jesse
a. Boaz
b. David
c. Obed
d. Chilion
King David came from my direct line
a. Asher
b. Levi
c. Judah
d. Zerah
My name means to be soaked or layered with water
a. Orpah
b. Naomi
c. Ruth
d. Rachel
"So and So" and Boaz exchanged the following as a sign of their agreement
a. a contract
b. a sandal
c. some wheat
d. some barley
The Book of Ruth was written by
a. Homer
b. An unknown author
c. Levi
d. Zarchar