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Culture of Violence
the fostering of shared beliefs, practices, and norms that are violent in nature
Legalized Violence
examples: abortion, capital punishment
reliance on military power to resolve conflict and provide security
the potential of one country to inflict harm on its advisaries
The Arms Race
the competition to have the best military force, greatest possible potential for violence
Nuclear Threat
resources are spent on preparing for war
Just War Theory- 2 Presumptions
1. war and violence are always to be avoided
2. love calls us to restrain an enemy and protect the innocent
opposition to the use of violence
Conscientious Objector
one who sees all wars as immoral, therefore they can apply to not serve or be drafted
Selective Conscientious Objector
object because a particular war is not justified
Just Cause
war is allowed if there is real and certain danger
Competent Authority
politician, official position to declare war
Comparitive Justice
are the rights or values at stake consisten with Christian justice? are they important enough to justify killing?
Right Intention
if for reasons in just cause, must also use the least amount of force necessary
Last Resort
try any other ways
Probability of Success
are you going to be successful?
good that is going to be gained should outweigh the damage and cost, both material and spiritual that are caused by it