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Name the two pinciples of the evangelical movement
(1) o be evegelists and (2) a response to the gospel by believers
Describe the background of fundamentalism
modern movement, started inS. CA.
Response to modern times. Based on five principles, one of which is tht the Bible is infallible and whithout error
Describe beliefs of Anabaptists
Didn't baptise children, b/c they didn't know what was happening
Describe reform movement
Wanted religion in response to the heart.
Formed the Methodists
Anglican Church
Henery formed this when Pope would not grant him divorce
Name five basic principles of Catholic reformation
-Tradtion and scriture, not just scripture, is faith foundation
-Volgate version of bible = whatto read
-church interprets bible, not individual
-There are 7 sacrements
-Justification by faither AND WORKS
What year did the reformation begin?
Martin Luther King, Augustine monk, wrote ___ Thesis
One of Kings objection to the church was abou Indulgences. Describe
If Pope can let people out of Purgatory when ppl give $, why not just let them ou fre?
Describe Justification by Faith
Said hat people are justifeid or made right with God via faith, not actions. - MK said this.
What is Sola Scripture
Said we listen to Bible, not Pope - MK
What is symbolic presence
Not God's actual presence at communion - Symbolic presense
John Calvin
Reformed tradtion. Wanted to systemize the protestant fiath
Answered why ppl believe and others dont' JC
Ulrich Zwingh
Established the radical reformation
Set up pastors in each church and had them led by elders and teachers
Thomas Aquinas, 1200 AD
Dealt with relationship of Faith and Reason.
At one with god - Used to explain mrcls like virgin birth by TA.
Summa Theologiae
The argument about whether bread/wine is body of christ
Thomas Aquinas thought that bread/wine was body of Christ ______________
In substance, not in material
Augustine and Two Cities
Said that there are two cities - One where we worship God, and one were we live our lives. Don't confuse them.
Grace and Works
Are ppl saved by God's grace or by good work? Augustine said that by grace, b/c we are born with original sin and can never satisfy God
Augustine (Date)
5th Century
Constantine, emperor - Conversion?
Sent troops into battle with crosses on shields b/c that's what he said the image in sky told him to do.
Year of "By this sign conquer"
Council of Nicea, 325
Constantine called Bisiops together and came up with a Niccene creed
Niccene Creed
Says hat Jesus was of one substance with the father
Arian Controversy
Arius argued Homoi, saying that Jesus is of similar substance to God. Athanasus argued Homoousia, saying that Jesus is of God - The same subtance and begotten by God
Date of fiest development of the books to include in the new Testement
Name three second century controvercies
Gnosticism, Decetism, Ebionites Heresy
- Jesus was a revealer, who was a messenger from God, who was to tell them how to escape earthly problems.
-Said that a great God scrwed up, and Jesus was a messenger from a new one
Means "To Seem"
-Said that Jesus only seemed to be human, but was a divine human, who only seeme d to suffer
Ebionites Heresy
Said that Jesus wasn't divine, just very in tune with God
New Testement Date
50-100 AD
Founds churches around world and writes letters. These letters make up a book
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
What happened during the early church after Jesus
Apostolic succession
Peter ordains popes and continues the chain
Apostolic message
The differing protestant view that Jesus meant the church will be build on message not rock
Jesus taught that the Kingdom of god was
-At hand
- Ethical implications
- Faithful hope (Communicated hope)
Three branches of christianity
Roman Catholic
easter orthodox