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Where did American leaders write the Constitution?
cOnStItUtIoNal cOnVeNtIoN
What do senators and representatives do in congress?
They WrItE LaWs
What country was Great Britain fighting in 1803?
What did the United States fight Great Britain for in 1812?
fREeDoM oF The SEaS
Who was President during the War of 1812?
What did Tecumseh want?
tO GEt BacK aMEriCan iNdiAN LanD
Who fought for Great Britain during the War of 1812?
Who saved the painting of George Washington when British burned Washington D.C.?
Which country won the battle at Fort McHenry?
uNitEd StAtEs
Who wrote our country’s song “The Stars- Spangled Banner”?
FrAnCiS sCoTt kEy
Who won the battle of New Orleans?
AnDReW jAcKsoN
When did the American Revolution start and when did it end??
1775 AnD iT eNdED In 1783
Why did the Spanish come to America?
To tEacH tHe cAtHOlIc rELiGIoN, aNd To FiND tHE 7 cItiEs Of GoLd
Why did the English come to America?
ThEy cAme To aMeRIcA tO EarN MoNeY, tO HavE a BetTer lIFe, anD tO HavE frEeDoM oG ReLiGiOn.
Why did the French come to America?
To TeACh aMeRIcAn InDIanS hOW to be CatHOliCs.